Frostgorge Sound Gathering Route

The recommended place to start this farming route is Earthshake Waypoint. This waypoint is in the central eastern part of the zone on the border of Frostgorge Sound and Fireheart Rise. You'll be able to do the first part of this route at any level since it will only be taking you by neutral mobs that won't attack you until you attack them. In the picture below from the vista point south are the mobs who will attack you on sight. Keep away from the canyons and you'll be A-okay!

Along this route you will find a ton of Mithril Ore, Elder Wood Logs, Leeks, Snow Truffles, Raspberries, an occasional Ancient Wood Log, an occasional Orichalcum Node & usually Winter Root Vegetables and a 24hr spawn patch of Butternut Squash. A bunch of stuff in other words. This is the best route I have found to use in Frostgorge Sound.

Now since you've been given the run down on all the goodies you get here let me tell you a bit about the route itself. As with all other areas you can gather up consumables the respawn time for them tends to be around 45 minutes to an hour. I am not 100% certain exactly how long it is but I can tell you that I'm normally able to clear the area right after the dragon spawns and twice while I am waiting again. Which actually brings me the next big topic I wanted to talk about, the dragon!

The best part about farming in this zone besides it being awesome is knowing exactly when the dragon spawns. Knowing when the dragon spawns will allow you to get in on the fight to destroy his Crystals (tons of Karma to be made as well as XP here) and also, well, loot from the dragon, duh! As long as you keep an eye on /map chat you'll know when he spawns.

Frostgorge Sound Gathering Route

I broke this farming route into two seperate paths/pictures as you can see here. The reason for this is Frostgorge Sound is huge and there are areas thick with things to gather and areas not so much. That's what we're going to be skipping.

If you would like to go through the central area for the few nodes that are usually in there (Cypress and a Mithril on most occasions) feel free. I normally skip this area though as there are mobs in here and a single mob can really add on time to your farming run. Especially the trolls in here since they're so annoying to kill. After you finish this whole upper area follow my arrow pointing south or just hit M to bring up your map and select Yak's Bend Waypoint to the south.

That will put you to where we're going next!

Frostgorge Sound Gathering Route

From Yak's Bend you can take really whatever route you would like. There are a few nodes that spawn around the town in which I usually gather in no specific order and then I follow my blue line south through the Grawl camp (crossing the water and coming back north only if I didn't collect my Butternut Squash yet that day). After that I usually stop at my Minotaur Farming Location and blow my long cooldowns to grab some Vial of Potent Blood which have an awesome chance of dropping from them.

After that it's all over! You can return to Yak's Bend or go wherever you want after this. Feel free to stick around and farm the Minotaurs if you want or port to some other location and do whatever you want. The nodes in this zone will spawn with or without you here!