Guild Wars 2 Cooking Materials Farming Locations

This page will have links to all of the best Guild Wars 2 Farming Locations I have found for Cooking Materials. Cooking Materials are the materials you gather with Sickles; they appear as bushes on your minimap and are commonly used in the Chef Tradeskill. The demand for these materials is about the same as it is for all other crafting materials however some Cooking Materials stand out amongst the rest. Ones like Raspberries, Strawberries and Grapes.

These 3 items are common cooking reagents but can only be found in certain areas of the world. Since they're so rare it will give them a price tag that is usually higher than every other items. I wouldn't recommend farming just a single item though, even if you need just that item. Your best bet would be to farm an area of items that has a chance for whatever you're after to spawn. This will allow you to make some money while farming for what you need. You can even use that money to buy more of your item!

Vanilla Bean




Sugar Pumpkin








Taragon Leaf

Butternut Squash

Snow Truffles (325)

Orrian Truffles (400)

Malchor's Leap Omnomberry Farming (400)

The Cursed Shore Omnomberry Farming (400)

Ghost Pepper (400)

Saffron Thread (400)



If you want a list of areas to farm that will net you a great profit you won't find it on this page. Return to my Guild Wars Farming Guides page and check out my Farming Locations section. Go through this section and eventually you'll find an area that is awesome to farm!