Boots of Blinding Speed Location - Morrowind

Pemenie With Boots of Blinding Speed

Location: North of Caldera
Requirements: N/A
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The Boots of Blinding Speed are one of the most iconic items in Morrowind and arguably the best accessory you can get for your character. When you wear these boots you'll get a 200 point buff to Speed which will make your character run significantly faster than normal. There are a few drawbacks however, the main one being that the boots also come with a 100% Blind spell. There are ways to negate the Blind though, most of which are mentioned below.

As for how to acquire the Boots of Blinding Speed, they're in the possession of Pemenie (pictured above) who is a Redguard rogue standing alongside a road north of Caldera. She asks for your help in escorting her to Gnaar Mok - if you agree to help her your reward will be the Boots of Blinding Speed. Alternatively, since this is an Elder Scrolls game, you can just kill her and loot the boots.

Note: If you'd like to fast travel there, return to Caldera and take the Mage Guild Teleporter to Vivec then head outside of Vivec to the boat (near the Silt Strider) and take that to Gnaar Mok.

If you decide to kill her you can make her attack you first by asking townsfolk in Caldera about her. They'll mention a bounty on her head which you can then ask her about which will lead to violence. Alternatively, provoke her with Taunts or use a Frenzy Humanoid spell on her to make her attack you first.

Pemenie Map Location
Pemenie Map Location in relation to Caldera.


Pemenie Map Location 2
Pemenie Map Location in relation to Gnaar Mok.

If you'd like to escort her to Gnaar Mok on foot - it'll only take a couple of minutes. Use my map above to get an idea of the route you'll want to follow when escorting her. Upon entering Gnaar Mok you'll get a dialogue box from her and she'll give you the Boots of Blinding Speed.

Below I have included numerous ways that you can avoid the Blind effect on these boots, or at least the majority of the Blind.

1. Make a Custom Spell that gives you 100% Magicka Resistance for 1 second. Cast it then immediately equip the boots and you will resist the blind

2. Royal Signet Ring gives you 100% Magicka Resistance (Constant Effect)

3. Cuirass of Savior's Hide gives you 60% Magicka Resistance (Constant Effect) which is enough to still see while using these boots

4. Ebony Mail provides you with 20% Magicka Resistance (Constant Effect)

5. Ring of Phynaster provides you with 20% Magicka Resistance (Constant Effect)

6. Wraithguard gives you 10% Magicka Resistance (Constant Effect)

7. Make a Breton character for the 50% Magicka Resistance racial bonus

8. Make an Orc character for the 25% Magicka Resistance racial bonus

9. Mara's Blouse provides you with 10% Magicka Resistance (Constant Effect)



Boots of Blinding Speed