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Custom Spell Creation in Morrowind

One of the more unique systems in Morrowind is the ability to create custom spells which can do almost anything you can imagine. To create a custom spell you'll need to know a version of the spell you want to create; for example if you want to make a spell that buffs your Jump skill you'll need to buy a Jump spell from a spell merchant first.

After you've purchased the spell you want to create visit any merchant in the game who has a "Spellmaking" option (pictured above). You'll want to select the spell you wish to make from the left and you'll have to choose what type of spell you want it to be - cast on Touch, Target or Self are the options. You will also have to choose how powerful of a spell you want it to be and how long the spell will last after casted (or how large of a radius it'll cover) via the sliders.

Keep an eye on the numbers in the upper right as they'll tell you the mana consumption of the spell and how difficult it will be for your character to cast. A spell with a negative number for cast chance will be impossible for you to cast at your current skill level. Willpower is the main attribute that determines spell success or fail rate - if you buff your Willpower you'll be able to cast more difficult spells.

Below is a list of all the custom spells I typically make in Morrowind along with a little bit of information about each.

Note: The words in parenthesis are what I named the spell in my game. I always put 001 before the spells I make so they appear first in my list of spells.


Calm Humanoid (001 Chill Out Bro): You'll want to make the spell at least 30pts and have it last for at minimum 2 seconds. This will give you just enough time to open the dialogue window with someone after you cast the spell. If you'd like to give yourself a longer grace period then extend the duration a bit.

Far Jump (001 Far Jump): Make a spell that buffs Jump by 100 points with a 3 second duration. This is your long distance fast travel in Morrowind; aim in the direction you want to go then buff yourself and jump!

Mini Jumps (001 Hop Toad): A lesser version of the Far Jump spell we made. For this spell you'll want a 20 - 30 point Jump buff, it's useful for covering short distances.

Frenzy Humanoid (001 Fight Me Bro): I try to make a spell with 40 - 70 points in Frenzy Humanoid and have it last for at least 10 seconds. This spell is super useful since it allows you to provoke NPCs into attacking you first avoiding a bounty for assaulting or murdering them.

Hostile Levitate (001 Hostile Lev): 1 point of Levitate for 1 or 2 seconds on Target. You can use this spell to drop Cliff Racers out of the sky as well as getting some NPCs unstuck when they are following you.

Night Eye (001 Night Vision): Up to you how strong you'd like to make this and how long of a duration. It's self explanatory as to what it does, letting you see in the dark.

Open (001 Open Sesami): Open 100pts on Touch is what you want for this spell. If your character is lower level and it's difficult to cast a spell with Open 100pts you should make a lesser version of this spell too.

Golden Saint Farming (001 Golden Saint Farm): This spell will summon a Golden Saint, so long as you are facing the ground the summon spell will last forever (yes, this actually works - it's called the Soultrap Glitch). Then all you need to do is cast Soul Trap on it and kill it for the most powerful Soul you can get.

Resist Magicka (000 Boots of Blinding Speed): If you plan to use the Boots of Blinding Speed this is a nifty way to completely resist the Blind effect it casts on you.


Calm Humanoid Custom Spell


Far Jump Custom Spell


Open Custom Spell


Frenzy Humanoid Custom Spell


Jump Custom Spell 2


Golden Saint Farming Custom Spell




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