Elder Scrolls Morrowind Tips and Tricks

This page includes all of the tips and tricks I can think of for Elder Scrolls: Morrowind that didn't make their way into my Beginner's Guide. Instead of rewriting the entire Beginner's Guide when I remember something that I forgot to add to it - I just add it to this page!

Essentially I designed this page as an information dump of random things everyone should know (or wished they knew) in Morrowind. There's no specific order that I put all of the tips into, I just added things to this page when they popped into my mind. You may find some of the information below a repeat of what you read elsewhere on my website too.


- Get some Mods!: Morrowind Script Extender, Morrowind Graphics Extender (Optional), Morrowind Code Patch, Morrowind has lots of mods and many of them are fantastic and make the game better. It's up to you how far you'd like to go with Mods, Morrowind is one of the most modded games of all time so you can add quite a bit!

- Restock more items at vendors: Items that vendors restock can be sold back to them to increase the amount they will restock. An example is if a vendor sells 5 Ruby buy it and sell it back to them; then they'll start stocking 10 Ruby instead of 5! As previously stated this only works on items vendors already restock -- and some items are exempt (like Potions)

- Get insanely high stats: In Morrowind when you use an item/potion/buff that Fortifies an attribute it will stack with other items/potions/buffs. This trick is part of the Morrowind Alchemy Exploit where you basically keep making Fortify Intelligence Potions and using them over and over and over until you've got your Intelligence into the tens of thousands.

- Extra Enchant Slots: You can wear a Skirt overtop of Pants in this game which gives you an additional Enchant slot for you to play around with.

- Extra Enchant Slots: Undergarments can be worn under armor giving you more Enchant slots. You can wear a Shirt, Belt and Pants under pretty much every piece of armor and a Robe overtop of everything. Most boots can't be worn with shoes and gloves can't be worn with armor.

- Create Powerful Constant Effect Enchants: You can use Golden Saint souls to Enchant items with the most powerful enchants in the game. Want to make a ring that restores health every second? Or Fatigue every second so you literally never run out of Fatigue again? All of that is possible in Morrowind with Custom Enchants. Check my list of Best Custom Enchants in Morrowind for ideas on what you can make.

- Jump Fast Travel: You can create custom spells that buff your Jump skill and use that as a form of fast travel. I create 2 spells, one that buffs Jump by 100 and another that buffs Jump by 30 - 40 and use them for fast traveling. For more information about this check out my how to use Jump as fast travel Youtube video.

- Quick and Easy Gold: There are two NPCs who will buy almost all items at full price (Creeper) and (Mudcrab Merchant)

- One Shot All Enemies: If you want to cheese a fight chug a stack of Sujamma or any other alcohol that boosts your strength. In Morrowind these effects stack and you can get 1000+ Strength if you drink enough of them.

- Faster Movement Speed: Get the Boots of Blinding Speed as early as you can and use them to run faster! These boots buff your speed by 200 points which allows you to move insanely fast in this game!

- Choose Athletics and Acrobatics for faster early game leveling: In Morrowind the skills you choose as your Minor and Major will contribute towards your character's overall levels. Raising Acrobatics 10 times will get you 1 level up. By choosing Acrobatics and Athletics as a Minor or Major you can easily level up early in the game by running around and jumping. Having Athletics as a starter skill will also help you move faster at the start of the game.

- Easily level Acrobatics: While running up hills or stairs in this game spam the Jump button. You'll do tiny jumps all of which will level up Acrobatics.

- Quickly level spells: Visit any vendor who can create custom spells and make a practice spell. Any '1 second on self' spell will work, with offensive spells you can cast them on yourself too just make sure they're not strong enough to kill you. Run around and spam the spell to level up your magics.

- Easy Money: Once you reach level 20 Dark Brotherhood Assassins start dropping Daedric, Glass and Ebony weapons all of which you can sell for a lot

- Store Items In A Safe Place!: In Morrowind you can collect quest items out of order and you can sell them/permanently lose them if you're not careful. Any items you sell to a vendor will typically stay on that vendor forever and items you drop on the ground will stay there forever too. Find a place that you'll remember to store items that you believe may be quest items. For more information about where the best places are to store items check out my Youtube video on the topic.

- Farm Unlimited Golden Saints: You can farm unlimited Golden Saints by using an easy glitch. Golden Saint souls can be worth tens of thousands of gold and they're also used to make the best Constant Effect enchants in the game. Along with all these goodies Golden Saints almost always come with Daedric weapons/shields or Glass weapons/shields which can be worth a fortune. For more information on how to summon and farm Golden Saints follow the link.

- Talk to Any NPC: (Base Game Only) When you encounter an NPC that refuses to talk with you (You will get a Goodbye prompt before you can have any dialogue with the NPC) turn invisible and try speaking with them or take off all your armor and clothes then speak with them. This will not work on Argonians and Khajiits.

- Move any NPC to a different location: You can use Command Humanoid to move NPCs to different locations or Command Creature to move creatures to different locations. If you don't like where the Mudcrab Merchant is found then move him next to the Silt Strider outside Vivec instead!

- Level up an armor skill while AFK: If you want to very quickly level an armor skill find a low level Mudcrab near Seyda Neen and let it attack you while you watch a movie or sleep.

- Level up Athletics while AFK: You can easily raise Athletics by running into a flat wall with autorun on or by jumping into some water and swimming into a wall. Both of these things can easily be done in Balmora.