Golden Saint Farming - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Golden Saint Soul Farming in Morrowind

Video Walkthrough of how to farm Golden Saints

Golden Saint farming is arguably the best way in Morrowind of getting high level souls that you can use for Enchanting. This guide is going to break down all the steps involved of acquiring all the things we need to mass produce high level soul gems in Morrowind. Detailed descriptions can be found on this page along with brief checklists for those of you who are more familiar with Morrowind and don't need hand holding.

Checklist for Golden Saint Farming

1. Purchase Summon Golden Saint from Felen Maryon
2. Purchase many Grand Soul Gems from Elbert Nermarc in the Craftsmen's Hall of Godsreach in Mournhold
3. Have a weapon that Soultraps on strike or -- at the very least -- a Soultrap spell
4. Create a spell with Summon Golden Saint on Self & Soultrap on Target (pictured below)
5. Go someplace where other NPCs won't bother you and farm some Golden Saints

Before doing anything you'll first need to purchase the Summon Golden Saint spell which is only sold in a single location in the entire game - from Felen Maryon whose found in Tel Branora. You can reach Tel Branora via boat from Vivec, make sure you have Levitate before coming here or you'll waste time. If you'd like to see a video on how to reach Felen Maryon in Tel Branora follow the link. He's found in Therana's Chambers which is in the Upper Tower area.

Once you've got the spell you'll now need to travel to Mournhold where you'll find a man by the name of Elbert Nermarc inside the Craftsmen's Hall in Godsreach. You can purchase an infinite supply of Grand Soul Gems from him which we will need to hold Golden Saint Souls. He's the best vendor for restocking Grand Soul Gems that I have found.

Now that you've got both of these steps out of the way - if you don't already have it you'll also need a Soultrap spell which is required for capturing souls. We'll also need this spell to make our own custom spell which is the next step in this process. Visit any Spellmaker in the game and create the same custom spell you see shown below.

Golden Saint Farming Custom Spell

This custom spell takes advantage of the permanence glitch which makes any spell you combine with a buff last forever so long as you are looking at the ground when you cast it. Once you've created this basic custom spell go to a location in the world where other NPCs will not bother you and look directly at the ground to cast this spell.

So long as you are looking directly at the ground the Golden Saint you summon will last forever - you'll even be able to loot her corpse! Keep in mind that you will still need to cast Soultrap on the Golden Saint before you kill her or use a weapon that has a Soultrap Cast on Strike Enchantment.

If you'd like to see how all of this works in a video check out my How to easily farm Golden Saint Souls video, also linked to below.



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