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The Agallan Trial - Act 3 Story Quest

The Agallan Trial Quest Start

Reward: 1 Skill Point

The Agallan Trial is the 6th Story Quest of Act 3 and begins immediately after you complete The Mines of Kaderak (Part 2). For the first part of this quest you'll need to defeat Kynos in Kalrathia then ride the elevator down in the center of town to reach the area this quest takes place.

Once you make it into the Ancient Chamber you'll have to speak with the Azunite Ancestor down here to update your quest. Now you'll have to solve a series of 4 puzzles which will be more complicated for me to explain than for you to solve. If you'd like help with solving these puzzles I have created a Youtube Video for you here.

Basically what you need to do is to open all of the flood gates and then turn on the water so that it all pours into the center of the area. There are a total of four spots you need to turn on the water, north, south, east and west all have locations. After you turn on the water at one of the specific locations keep an eye out for Buttons you can press along the walls that will open secret passages to act as short cuts.

The Agallan Trial Water Puzzle

When/if you hit a dead end after completing two sides of the puzzle you'll want to return to the sandy hallway that's found along the western most end of the area. This hallway will connect both sets of puzzles together and you'll need to run through here twice. In this hallway you'll also find a Spirit for the Spirits of Aranna Side Quest.

For the East and South puzzles you'll also need to use the 'Wait' command for your party. You can make your party 'Wait' near the switches in one area and then take a solo character through the puzzle as your other party members hit the switches and change which doors are open and closed from a distance.

Tip: Instead of regrouping and figuring a way out of this dungeon when you finish the puzzle just Save and Exit Game. You can easily get back down here when you log back in - it's much faster if you find this whole place confusing.

Portal to Agallan Peaks

Completion of this quest will automatically begin the followup, The Agallan Giants.