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Spirits of Aranna - Act 2 Side Quest

Spirits of Aranna Quest Start

Location: N/A
Closest Portal: Multiple
Objective: Talk to Spirits throughout the entire world
Reward: Random Loot and Gold

Spirits of Aranna begins when you speak with any of the 18 different spirits throughout the world with Chant of the Dead active. In order to unlock the Chant of the Dead you'll first need to complete the side quest A Dark Ohm which begins by speaking with Mage Lyssanore in the town of Aman'lu.

Essentially all you need to do for this quest is to travel around the entire game and speak with the 18 different spirits. There will always be a lectern nearby the spirit for you to use Chant of the Dead at which works quite well as a marker in letting you know there is a spirit nearby.

Below I have included a list of all the spirits you need to speak to for this quest in the same order they appear at in the quest log. Each location will have a map screenshot as well as a brief description of where you can find the spirit.


Spirit #1 - The Lost Valley of the Azunites

The Lost Valley of the Azunites Ghost Location

Closest Teleporter: The Lost Valley of the Azunites

From The Lost Valley of the Azunites teleporter you'll want to run south/southwest until you reach the Incantation Shrine shown in my map screenshot above. The Spirit is a tad bit west of the Incantation Shrine standing out in the open against a wall, very difficult to miss.


Spirit #2 - Northern Greilyn Jungle (The Hak'u Caves)

Northern Greilyn Haku Caves Spirit

Closest Teleporter: Western Greilyn Jungle or Northern Greilyn Jungle

You'll find this Spirit in the Hak'u Caves which you most likely have visited already during The Hak'u Side Quest in Act 1. There are numerous different entrances to the Hak'u Caves and I would argue that both the Western and Northern Greilyn Jungle Teleporters are equal distance from this ghost. If you're having trouble figuring out which cave is the Hak'u Cave, it's the only one with 3 different entrances in Greilyn Jungle.


Spirit #3 - Western Greilyn Jungle

Western Greilyn Jungle Spirit

Closest Teleporter: Western Greilyn Jungle

Locating this spirit is very easy, take the Teleporter to the Western Greilyn Jungle and then travel directly west to the edge of the map. You will pass by the Incantation Shrine you need to activate the Chant of the Dead at on your way to this spirit.


Spirit #4 - Eastern Greilyn Beach

Eastern Greilyn Beach Spirit Map Location

Closest Teleporter: Kithraya Valley

Unlike the previous spirits, it's going to be quite a run to reach this one. The closest Teleporter is Kithraya Valley and once you teleport to this location you will want to run East through the caves until you reach the location this spirit is found.

Tip: Take the Azunite Desert Teleporter instead and go through the nearby portal to Eastern Greilyn Beach. It will put you right next to the spirit and save you a little bit of a run.


Spirit #5 - Eirulan

Eirulan Ghost Map Location

Closest Teleporter: Eirulan

This is one of the easier spirits to reach since he is right town. In the town of Eirulan you'll need to go to the Terrace that has the Inn and Tavern on it then take the southeastern elevator down. This portion of Eirulan was visited previously during The Kithraya Hive Side Quest (if you did it). You can find the spirit that you need to speak with on a bridge overlooking a nearby waterfall.


Spirit #6 - The Temple of Xeria

Temple of Xeria Ghost Map Location

Closest Teleporter: The Temple of Xeria

In order to reach this Spirit (or even see him on your map) you'll need to first unlock the secret passage nearby the Incantation Shrine. Next to the Incantation Shrine you'll find a Statue which you can click on that will open up the secret passage that leads to this spirit.

Note: There is a nearby room called The Cavern of Earth which is involved in an Act 3 Side Quest, The Kalrathian Nexus.


Spirit #7 - A Tranquil Cave in Northern Greilyn Jungle

Western Greilyn Jungle Ghost In Cave

Closest Teleporter: Northern Greilyn Jungle

You'll find this spirit in a cave which is behind a waterfall in the Northern Greilyn Jungle. The fastest way to reach this location is by taking the Northern Greilyn Jungle Teleporter and traveling west from that location until you reach the Incantation Shrine. You can find the cave and spirit we need southwest of the Incantation Shrine.


Spirit #8 - The Snowbrook Haven Servants' Quarters

Spirit Snowbrook Haven Servants Quarters Map Location

Closest Teleporter: Snowbrook Haven Living Quarters

Go directly west from the Snowbrook Haven Living Quarters until you reach a dead end with an elevator up. Ride it upstairs and you'll find yourself in the servants' quarters. Use the nearby Incantation Shrine and grab the spirit show on my map above.


Spirit #9 - Arinth's Ravine

Arinths Ravine Ghostly Spirit Map Location

Closest Teleporter: Eastern End of Arinth's Ravine

This Ghostly Spirit is found in the area just before where you had the boss fight against the Knotted Shambler for the Aegis of Death during The Vai'kesh and the Aegis of Death Story Quest.


Spirit #10 - Aman'lu Inn

Amanlu Inn Spirit Map Location

Closest Teleporter: Aman'lu

Out of the two spirits that can be found in Aman'lu this one is the easier of the two to find. This spirit is located on the second floor of the Aman'lu Inn on a balcony.


Spirit #11 - Aman'lu Cellar

Amanlu Cellar to Spirit

Closest Teleporter: Aman'lu

You will find this spirit inside of a cellar in Aman'lu. Beneath Tywlis' house in northern Aman'lu you'll find a stairwell that leads down to an elevator which will take you into the cellar. Use my screenshot above if you need help locating Tywlis' house. The spirit you need to talk to inside of the cellar is easy to find and there is an Incantation Shrine in the cellar waiting for you as well.

If you are having trouble finding the buttons or levers that will open up the secret passages that lead to this ghost in the cellar - I have two tips. #1) Mouse over everything - clickable objects will highlight! #2) Look on your map for small blue dots. You might have to squint a bit but every button/lever/torch/whatever you can press to access a secret area will be marked on your map with a blue dot.

Amanlu Cellar Map Location


Spirit #12 - The Garden of the Ancients

Garden of the Ancients Ghostly Spirit Map Location

Closest Teleporter: Azunite Burial Grounds

In order to reach this spirit you'll need to teleport over to the Azunite Burial Grounds and travel west out of the underground area you're in. This will take you to the above ground piece of land shown in my screenshot above where you'll find this spirit. The Azunite Burial Grounds are shown in my screenshot below, the teleporter is fairly close to where you need to go.

Garden of the Ancients Underground Spirit Map


Spirit #13 - The Eastern Plain of Tears

Eastern Plain of Tears Spirit Map Location

Closest Teleporter: Eastern Plain of Tears

Teleport to the Eastern Plain of Tears and travel a little bit south to find the Spirit. He's on the nearby hilltop and very easy to find.


Spirit #14 - Kalrathia

Spirit in Kalrathia Map Location

Closest Teleporter: Kalrathia

Directly southwest of the Teleporter is where you will find this Spirit. He'll be found along the ramparts encircling Kalrathia. You won't be able to access the Incantation Shrine you need to activate Chant of the Dead for this spirit until you've accepted the Restore Kalrathia's Water Story Quest.


Spirit #15 - The Upper Mines of Kaderak

Upper Mines of Kaderak Spirit Map Location

Closest Teleporter: Upper Mines of Kaderak (East)

Just to the north of where the Teleporter is you'll find both the Incantation Shrine and the Spirit you need to talk to for this quest. You'll need to press Buttons to uncover the area with the Incantation Shrine. If you're having trouble seeing the Buttons try mousing over every object on the wall until something highlights or squint at your map and look for the blue dots as they mark secrets/loot.


Spirit #16 - Darthrul

City of Darthrul Spirit Map Location

Closest Teleporter: City of Darthrul

You'll find this Spirit southeast of the Teleporter in the center of the City of Darthrul. He is right out in the open - not in any districts so he's pretty easy to find. The Incantation Shrine on your map will be inside of the District of the Crossbow. In order to access it you'll need to complete parts of The Morden Chief Story Quest.


Spirit #17 - An Ancient Chamber

An Ancient Chamber Spirit Map Location

Closest Teleporter: Kalrathia

Found in the southwestern most portion of this area, the Spirit is very easy to find and right out in the open.


Spirit #18 - Zaramoth's Horns (Part 2)

Zaramoths Horns Spirit Map Location

Closest Teleporter: Lower Zaramoth's Horns

You'll find this Spirit in between both Teleporters but I think running from Lower Zaramoth's Horns ends up being faster. The Spirit is pretty hard to miss since he's right out in the open.


Reward for Completing Spirits of Aranna
My rewards for completing Spirits of Aranna.

We're finally done the entire Spirits of Aranna Side Quest and boy - what a ride! The screenshot above is an example of the loot I received for completing this quest on Mercenary difficulty. It's worth mentioning too that I got many other unique/set items from ghosts throughout the quest. Typically every 2nd or 3rd ghost will drop a set or unique for you.