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Diablo 2 Gem Bonuses in Weapons

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This page has a list of every Gem in Diablo 2 and what effect it will have when placed into a Weapon. The values on this page are specifically for the Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction version of the game. In the expansion pack Gems and how much of a benefit they give to you got a significant buff.

If you're looking for information about what effect a gem has when placed in a different slot, then use the guides below.


Gem Bonuses in Shields

Gem Bonuses in Weapons

High Rune Bonuses in Weapons/Shields/Armor/Helms



Chipped AmethystChipped Amethyst: 40 Attack Rating

Flawed AmethystFlawed Amethyst: 60 Attack Rating

AmethystAmethyst: 80 Attack Rating

Flawless AmethystFlawless Amethyst: 100 Attack Rating

Perfect AmethystPerfect Amethyst: 150 Attack Rating


Chipped TopazChipped Topaz: 1 - 8 Lightning Damage

Flawed TopazFlawed Topaz: 1 - 14 Lightning Damage

TopazTopaz: 1 - 22 Lightning Damage

Flawless TopazFlawless Topaz: 1 - 30 Lightning Damage

Perfect TopazPerfect Topaz: 1 - 40 Lightning Damage


Chipped SapphireChipped Sapphire: 1 - 3 Cold Damage

Flawed SapphireFlawed Sapphire: 3 - 5 Cold Damage

SapphireSapphire: 4 - 7 Cold Damage

Flawless SapphireFlawless Sapphire: 6 - 10 Cold Damage

Perfect SapphirePerfect Sapphire: 10 - 14 Cold Damage



Chipped EmeraldChipped Emerald: +10 Poison Damage

Flawed EmeraldFlawed Emerald: +20 Poison Damage

EmeraldEmerald: +40 Poison Damage

Flawless EmeraldFlawless Emerald: +60 Poison Damage

Perfect EmeraldPerfect Emerald: +100 Poison Damage


Chipped RubyChipped Ruby: 3 - 4 Fire Damage

Flawed RubyFlawed Ruby: 5 - 8 Fire Damage

RubyRuby: 8 - 12 Fire Damage

Flawless RubyFlawless Ruby: 10 - 16 Fire Damage

Perfect RubyPerfect Ruby: 15 - 20 Fire Damage


Chipped DiamondChipped Diamond: +28% Damage to Undead

Flawed DiamondFlawed Diamond: +34% Damage to Undead

DiamondDiamond: +44% Damage to Undead

Flawless DiamondFlawless Diamond: +54% Damage to Undead

Perfect DiamondPerfect Diamond: +68% Damage to Undead



Chipped SkullChipped Skull: Hits steal 2% Life and 1% Mana

Flawed SkullFlawed Skull: Hits steal 2% Life and 2% Mana

SkullSkull: Hits steal 3% Life and 2% Mana

Flawless SkullFlawless Skull: Hits steal 3% Life and Mana

Perfect SkullPerfect Skull: Hits steal 4% life and 3% Mana







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