Loot Worth Keeping - Diablo 2


This page is the index page for all of my Diablo 2 loot guides. I started playing Diablo 2 again for the first time in probably two decades in September of 2020 and I was insanely confused on what items were worth keeping, what made an item good and what was worth my time to mule and what isn't.

I created this page in an effort to give myself multiple lists that I can reference to determine if an item should be dropped on the ground or kept for a future alt. Hopefully others who are getting back into the game after a long absence will find these lists similarly useful.


Amulets worth keeping

Belts worth keeping

Boots worth keeping

Charms worth keeping

Class Specific Weapons worth keeping

Gloves worth keeping

Helms worth keeping

Jewels worth keeping

Rare Weapons worth keeping

Rings worth keeping

Shields worth keeping

Unique and Set Items worth keeping
- Best of the best unique and set items
- Best socketable items to loot out for