What makes a Belt Good in Diablo 2


Belts in Diablo 2 are one of the more flexible pieces of gear and are arguably more useful for Melee than they are for Casters. There are some unique belts in the game that are better than anything else you can find such as the Arachnid Mesh. This belt is arguably the best belt in the entire game for Casters but it is extraordinarily rare. Snowclash Battle Belt is extremely good as well but only for Cold Sorceress.

Verdungo's Hearty Cord is typically seen as the best melee belt in the game (with a few exceptions) along with String of Ears being seen as the "poor-man Verdungo's". Most of the stats found on these unique belts can't spawn on regular Rare belts which is typically why these belts are considered best in slot.

On this page I will go over what makes a rare belt good and what sorts of things you should look for on a rare belt. Keep in mind too that basically all Crafted Belts in Diablo 2 will be better than the rare ones listed on this page. Rare belts just can't roll good enough stats to make it into many high end builds.



(Caster) Good Belt:

Req: 24% Faster Hit Recovery
Rec: Life, Mana, Fire Resistance, Lightning Resistance


(Melee) Good Belt:

+ 10 - 30 Strength
+ 40 - 60 Life
+ Enhanced Damage
+ Single Resistance
+ Single Resistance

This belt only has 3 rows of Potion slots; which is bad.



This belt only has 3 rows of Potion slots; which is bad.