Brynnlaw Overview - Baldur's Gate 2

Brynnlaw Overview

Brynnlaw is a town that you will only have access to during Chapter 4 of the main story. Upon completion of Chapter 3 you'll ride a boat to this island so that you can assault Spellhold; once you're done with Spellhold and complete Chapter 4 you'll leave this island forever and be unable to return. For this reason make sure you accomplish everything you want to in this area before leaving.

As far as notable loot goes in this town, the only item that stands out is the Book of Infinite Spells. This is a clicky that you can use on any character regardless of their Int or Wis scores; it can cast up to 12 different spells depending on what page you turn the book to.


Vulgar Monkey: When you first arrive in Brynnlaw you'll have to visit this bar and speak with Sanik, this is the first story flag you'll need to progress. Next to the Vulgar Monkey (a little to the north) you'll find someone named Chremy whose involved in the Island Concerns: Ginia's Tale side quest as well as the main quest for Brynnlaw as well.

Lady Galvena's Festhall: Inside the back room of this building you'll find Vadek, Galvena and Claire. This is the second story flag you need to advance the main quest, defeat Vadek and Galvena then speak with Claire to get all of the flags you need.

Calahan: Calahan is involved in the Island Concerns: Ginia's Tale side quest, he's the one you have to talk to and pay to get Ginia and Ason off of the island.

Cayia's Home: During the main quest of Chapter 4 if you agree to work with Saemon and ride a boat back to Athkatla you'll be tasked with stealing a Pirate Horn from this house at night. Make sure it is between the hours of 21pm to 5am for the event involving the Pirate Horn to occur.

Shop: This shop is the only one on the island, you can find equipment, weapons, potions and some spells for sale here. I recommend you sell everything you can before going into Spellhold because you're going to be getting a lot of loot inside of there.

Perth's Home: Here you'll find Perth the Adept who is a Cowled Wizard and also one of your tickets into the Spellhold Asylum. Perth drops Book of Infinite Spells as well as the Wardstone for the Asylum which will let you get through the front doors.

Ginia: Ginia will start the Island Concerns: Ginia's Tale side quest which involves a little bit of running around Brynnlaw and doing some easy tasks for some quick EXP.