Unique Item Console Commands - Baldur's Gate 1

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Complete list of Console Commands for all items

My list of Console Commands (Commonly used items)



COMPON01 - Liquid Mercury
COMPON02 - Eye of Tyr
COMPON03 - Fflar's Scabbard
COMPON04 - Baalor's Claw
COMPON05 - Roranach's Horn (also a working helmet)
COMPON06 - Skull of the Lich
COMPON07 - Hindo's Hand
COMPON08 - Starfall Ore
COMPON09 - Rune of Clangeddin
COMPON10 - Bowstring of Gond
COMPON11 - Montolio's Clasp
COMPON12 - Horn (left)
COMPON13 - Horn (right)
COMPON14 - Nymph's Tear
COMPON15 - Heart of the Damned
COMPON16 - Montolio's Cloak
COMPON17 - Circlet of Netheril
COMPON18 - White Dragon Scales
COMPON19 - Blue Dragon Scales
TOME01 - Golem Manual
TOME02 - Clay Golem Manual
TOME02A - Clay Golem Page
TOME03 - Stone Golem Manual
TOME03A - Stone Golem Page
TOME04 - Juggernaut Golem Manual
TOME04A - Juggernaut Golem Page




DWBLUN01 - Drow Flail +3
DWBOLT01 - Drow Bolt of Sleep
DWBOLT02 - Drow Bolt of Stunning
DWBOLT03 - Drow Bolt +1
DWCHAN01 - Drow Elven Chain +3
DWCHAN02 - Drow Adamantine Chain +5
DWCLCK01 - Drow Piwafwi Cloak
DWDUST - Adamantine Dust
DWHALB01 - Drow Halberd +3
DWPLAT01 - Drow Full Plate +5
DWSHLD01 - Drow Shield +3
DWSPER01 - Drow Lance +3
DWSW1H01 - Drow Scimitar +3
DWSW1H02 - Drow Longsword +3
DWXBOW01 - Drow Crossbow of Speed



ICEWIND ITEMS (with the Preorder Bonus CD):

WAAXE - Hrothgar's Axe +3
WAFLAIL - Defender of Easthaven +2
WAMACE - Jerrod's Mace
WANINJA - Scarlet Ninja-To +3
WAS2H - Joril's Dagger +3
WASLING - Sling of Everard +5 (needs no ammo)
WASPEAR - Spear of Kuldahar +3
WASTAFF - Staff of Arundel
WASTAR - Everard's Morning Star +2
WAWAK - Kachiko's Wakizashi +3



SCALEB - Shadow Dragon Scales
SCALER - Red Dragon Scales



SECRET PANTALOON STUFF: (Throne of Bhaal only!)

SECRET01 - Big Metal Rod
SECRET02 - Pulse Ammo
SECRET03 - Frag Grenade
SECRET04 - Scorcher Ammo
SECRET05 - Big Metal Unit


TORMENT ITEMS (with Collector's Edition Bonus CD):

WA2AMU - Sensate Amulet
WA2DAK - Dak'kon's Zerth Blade
WA2HALB - Harmonium Halberd
WA2HARP - Harp of Pandemonium
WA2HELM - Vhailor's Helm
WA2PLAT - Plate of Balduran
WA2RING - Mercykiller Ring
WA2ROBE - Robe of Vecna
WA2S1H - Sword of Balduran
WA2SHIEL - Shield of Balduran





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