Almar's Commonly Used Console Commands - Baldur's Gate 1

This page contains all of my favorite and commonly used Console Commands for Baldur's Gate 1, it's designed to break down the list and sort it into smaller parts. If you would like to see the complete list of Item Console Commands for this game then you should return to my Baldur's Gate 1 Item Console Commands page.

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My list of Console Commands (Commonly used items)


Paws of the Cheetah Console Command: C:CreateItem("BOOT01",1)


Manual of Bodily Health (+1 Con) Console Command: C:CreateItem("BOOK03",10)

Manual of Gainful Exercise (+1 Str) Console Command: C:CreateItem("BOOK04",10)

Manual of Quickness of Action (+1 Dex) Console Command: C:CreateItem("BOOK05",10)

Tome of Clear Thought (+1 Int) Console Command: C:CreateItem("BOOK06",10)

Tome of Leadership and Influence (+1 Cha) Console Command: C:CreateItem("BOOK07",10)

Tome of Understanding (+1 Wis) Console Command: C:CreateItem("BOOK08",10)


Bag of Holding Console Command: C:CreateItem("BAG19",1)

Potion Case Console Command: C:CreateItem("BAG06",1)

Scroll Case Console Command: C:CreateItem("BAG03",1)


Potion of Mirrored Eyes Console Command: C:CreateItem("POTN38",10)

Potion of Extra Healing Console Command: C:CreateItem("POTN52",50)

Potion of Genius Console Command: C:CreateItem("POTN29",50)
For those spell scribing sessions

Wand of Monster Summoning Console Command: C:CreateItem("WAND10",50)

Wand of Fire Console Command: C:CreateItem("WAND05",50)

Scroll of Greater Restoration Console Command: C:CreateItem("RESTORE",50)
Very useful for curing Level Drain on your characters.

Scroll of Stone to Flesh Command: C:CreateItem("SCRLPET",5)




(BiS Belt) Belt of Inertial Barrier Console Command: C:CreateItem("BELT10",1)
Probably the best belt in the entire game.

(BiS Bracers) Legacy of the Masters Console Command: C:CreateItem("BRAC10",1)
As far as I am aware these are the best bracers you can get for damage dealing characters

(BiS Flail) Defender of Easthaven Console Command: C:CreateItem("WAFLAIL",1)

(BiS Club) Club +3 Console Command: C:CreateItem("BLUN31",1)

(BiS Caster-Hybrid Armor) Aslyferund Elven Chain +5 Console Command: C:CreateItem("CHAN19",1)

(BiS Leather Armor) Grandmaster's Armor +6 Console Command: C:CreateItem("LEAT24",1)

(BiS Plate Armor) Enkidu's Full Plate +3 Console Command: C:CreateItem("PLAT21",1)

(BiS Shield) Darksteel Shield +4 Console Command: C:CreateItem("SHLD31",1)

(BiS Shortbow) Shortbow of Gesen Console Command: C:CreateItem("BOW19",1)
This weapon does not require ammo

(BiS Mace) Storm Star +5 Console Command: C:CreateItem("BLUN29",1)

(BiS Leather Armor) Studded Leather of Thorns +6 Console Command: C:CreateItem("LEAT23",1)

(BiS Crossbow) Firetooth +5 Console Command: C:CreateItem("XBOW16",1)
This weapon does not require ammo

(BiS Longsword) Angurvadal +5 Console Command: C:CreateItem("SW1H61",1)

(BiS Ring) Ring of Gaxx Console Command: C:CreateItem("RING39",1)

Ring of Fire Control Console Command: C:CreateItem("RING29",1)
Provides you with 50% Fire Resistance





Arrows +3 Console Command: C:CreateItem("AROW15",500)

Bullets +4 Console Command: C:CreateItem("BULL06",500)


Scroll of Haste Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL1H",5)

Scroll of Fireshield-Blue Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL1W",5)

Scroll of Fireshield-Red Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL6N",5)

Scroll of Animate Dead Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL2D",5)

Scroll of Minor Sequencer Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL6P",5)

Scroll of Time Stop Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL9R",5)

Scroll of Chain Contingency Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL9Q",5)

Scroll of Wail of the Banshee Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL9V",5)

Scroll of Spell Sequencer Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL8L",5)

Scroll of Spell Trigger Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL9D",5)

Scroll of Finger of Death Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL8O",5)

Scroll of Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL9G",5)

Scroll of Incendiary Cloud Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL9E",5)

Scroll of Spell Trap Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL9L",5)

Scroll of Power Word, Blind Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL9J",5)

Scroll of Maze Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL9H",5)

Scroll of Spellstrike Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL9M",5)

Scroll of Imprisonment Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL9S",5)

Scroll of Wish Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRLB4",5)

Scroll of Freedom Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRL9Z",5)





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