Console Commands for Baldur's Gate 2

This page is my index page that contains a list of all the item console commands in Baldur's Gate 2. If you don't know how to use the console commands on this page -- don't worry, I explain the proper format and provide links to guides explaining how to make all this stuff work. Since this list is so long I have also broken it up into a couple of different pages and sorted it by item types.

Last but not least I have included my own page of commonly used console commands for this game which will include all of the items that I found myself constantly needing on each play through I did or to write the guides on this website.


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Complete list of Console Commands for all items

My list of Console Commands
Already formatted commonly used console commands




Paws of the Cheetah Console Command: C:CreateItem("BOOT01",1)

Manual of Bodily Health (+1 Con) Console Command: C:CreateItem("BOOK03",10)

Manual of Gainful Exercise (+1 Str) Console Command: C:CreateItem("BOOK04",10)

Manual of Quickness of Action (+1 Dex) Console Command: C:CreateItem("BOOK05",10)

Tome of Clear Thought (+1 Int) Console Command: C:CreateItem("BOOK06",10)

Tome of Leadership and Influence (+1 Cha) Console Command: C:CreateItem("BOOK07",10)

Tome of Understanding (+1 Wis) Console Command: C:CreateItem("BOOK08",10)


Bag of Holding Console Command: C:CreateItem("BAG19",1)

Potion Case Console Command: C:CreateItem("BAG06",1)

Scroll Case Console Command: C:CreateItem("BAG03",1)



Potion of Mirrored Eyes Console Command: C:CreateItem("POTN38",10)

Wand of Monster Summoning Console Command: C:CreateItem("WAND10",50)

Wand of Fire Console Command: C:CreateItem("WAND05",50)

Potion of Extra Healing Console Command: C:CreateItem("POTN52",50)

Scroll of Greater Restoration Console Command: C:CreateItem("RESTORE",10)
Very useful for curing Level Drain on your characters. This is a common debuff in the Siege of Dragonspear Expansion

Scroll of Stone to Flesh Console Command: C:CreateItem("SCRLPET",10)

600 +3 Arrows Console Command: C:CreateItem("AROW15", 600)


Werebane Console Command: C:CreateItem("DAGG09",1)
Useful for fighting the werewolfs on werewolf island; basically needed to kill the head honcho werewolf

Cloak of Bravery Console Command: C:CreateItem("CLCK30",1)
This cloak grants immunity to Fear and Panic

Periapt of Proof Against Poison Console Command: C:CreateItem("AMUL22",10)
An amulet that grants immunity to poison

(BiS Belt) Belt of Inertial Barrier Console Command: C:CreateItem("BELT10",1)
Probably the best belt in the entire game.

Ring of Wizardry: Evermemory Console Command: C:CreateItem("RING08",1)

Ring of Fire Control Console Command: C:CreateItem("RING29",1)
Provides you with 50% Fire Resistance

Ring of the Crusade Console Command: C:CreateItem("bdring03",1)
Siege of Dragonspear Ring

(BiS Bracers) Legacy of the Masters Console Command: C:CreateItem("BRAC10",1)
As far as I am aware these are the best bracers you can get for damage dealing characters

(BiS Helm) Helmet of Dumathoin Console Command: C:CreateItem("BDHELM09",1)
This helmet is arguably the best item you can get in the Siege of Dragonspear X-pac

(BiS Helm) Helm of Balduran Console Command: C:CreateItem("HELM07",1)

(BiS Chest) Drow Adamantine Chain (Chain Mail +5) Console Command: C:CreateItem("DWCHAN02",1)
It says this item will be destroyed in sunlight but that's never happened for me

Drow Shield (Shield +3) Console Command: C:CreateItem("DWSHLD01",1)
It says this item will be destroyed in sunlight but that's never happened for me

Drow Platemail (Plate +5) Console Command: C:CreateItem("DWPLAT01",1)

(BiS Mace) Storm Star +5 Console Command: C:CreateItem("BLUN29",1)


C:CreateItem("SCRL2E", 4)