Elyos Extract Vitality Guide

This page covers the Elyos's best path to raise your Extract Vitality skill. This path may not be the fastest path, but it is the most efficent path. It will allow you to gain quite a bit of extra Kinah while raising your skill. Click on the section below that best suites your current skill level:

Extract Vitality 1 - 50 Guide

Extract Vitality 50 - 100 Guide

Extract Vitality 100 - 150 Guide

Extract Vitality 150 - 200 Guide

Extract Vitality 200 - 250 Guide

Extract Vitality 250 - 300 Guide

Extract Vitality 300 - 350 Guide

Extract Vitality 350 - 399 Guide

Extract Vitality Farming Locations

Elyos Extract Aether Guide

This guide will cover the best possible way for you to raise your Extract Aether Skill. Granted where to go to raise your Extract Aether Skill is somtimes obvious, this guide goes into much more detail. I give you pictures of where each node spawns, what altitude it can be found and some reading material to cure your boredom.

Extract Aether 1 - 50 Guide

Extract Aether 50 - 100 Guide

Extract Aether 100 - 150 Guide

Extract Aether 150 - 200 Guide

Extract Aether 200 - 250 Guide

Extract Aether 250 - 300 Guide

Extract Aether 300 - 350 Guide

Extract Aether 350 - 399 Guide

Extract Aether Materials Guide (What each Vortex Gives you)

Additional Note To Save Your Life: If you're high up in the air and almost out of time on flight (5 - 10 seconds left) FLY UP!!!!!!!!!! Trust me on this one. I can't tell you how many times I was Extracting Aether or just finishing Extracting Aether, started to fly towards the ground only to plumit to my death.

I came up with the idea to fly up, when you have such little time left. When you fly up, you will fall for much longer also you will gain more Flight Time while falling allowing you to deploy your wings for 3 - 5 seconds before hitting the ground. This will save your life. If you start by flying down you will be 30-40 feet from the ground with 1 second on your wings, pretty much guaranteeing your death.