Raising Extract Aether Guide 100 - 150

Big Vortex

Around Eltnen Fortress is one of the best places to farm Aether Crystals for Elyos. Also, around Eltnen Fortress you will find quite a few places for you to land at. The Big Vortexs that you want to start off on can be found a little lower in altitude then your town. Below is a map to detail each of the locations you can find the Big Vortexs.

Big Vortex Farming Locations

When your skill reaches 125 you will be able to Extract the higher level Big Vortexs. These can be found higher up in the air and most commonly above the 100 Big Vortexs. This means the Vortexs will usually be equal altitude or above that of our town. Below is a map showing you each location of the 125 Vortexs.

Big Vortex Farming Locations

When your skill reaches 150 you will need to fly higher to find the higher level Vortexs.


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