Raising Extract Vitality Guide 1 - 50

Just north of Veteron Citadel you will find Inina. Inina is a type of clam, which requires skill level 1 to Gather. You will want to Gather the Inina here until your skill is 15. When your skill reaches 15 you will want to exit the area around Veteron to the east and head out to Tolbas Forest.

IninaIron Ore Farming Location

Out here you will want to gather Mela and Iron Ore until your skill reaches 20. The Mela and Iron Ore can be found right on the otherside of the path that comes out.


Once your skill reaches 20 you will want to head just a bit south of this location to the "Farmland" area. Here you will find plenty of Kukuru to gather until your skill reaches 30. The Kukuru can be found all around each farm "patty" area.

KukuruKukuru Farming Location

Once your skill reaches 30 you will want to head further south to Southern Tolbas Forest. Here you will find Ruko and Betua Logs.

RukoBetua Log

You will want to gather the Logs and Ruko until your skill reaches 50. Once your skill reaches 50 you will want to head far east. The picture below will help you find your way:

Zumion Canyon