Elyos Leveling Guide 8 - 10

After you've refreshed your quest at Pernos you will want to return to the Kabarah Strip Mine. Now you will want to kill 3 Tursin Outlaws and return to the Cauldron you where at before. This time around you will want to use your neutralizing agent on the cauldron to Neutralize it.

Tursin Outlaw

After you've completed both quests return to Melponeh's Campsite. Turn in your quests to both Oz and Tula then continue along the road, past Pernos all the way west to where it shows Poa.

Poa Location

Once you reach Poa you will need to turn in the quest you have for him and accept the two quests he has. Once you have both the new quests continue west into the mine. In this mine you will need to kill the inhabitants for Engine Parts5 Engine Parts. You will also need to open the crates for 6 Suspicious OreSuspicious Ore.


After you've completed both quests exit the mine and turn in both of your quests to Poa. After you turn both of your quests into Poa you will be damn close to level 9. Use your return ability to return to Akarios Village. Here you will want to turn in your quest to Kalio which will ding you level 9. Once you ding level 9 you will want to return to Pernos.

Turn in your quest to Pernos and accept the new one that he has, Ascension. With the new quest in hand fly back to Akarios Village. In order to fill the bottle of water you will need to find a bubbly spot near the center of Cilona Lake. Once you do, right click the bottle in your inventory to fill it.

Once you have it filled return to Daminu Forest and speak with Daminu. He will give you an item that you need to take to Pernos. When you speak with Pernos this final time you will be taken to the same area you seen before. This time you will be able to complete it. When you land you will need to kill 4 Raiders. After you kill 4 Raiders you will need to kill Orissan.

After Orissan has been defeated you will be able to talk to Pernos again and choose your class. You will be given max XP through level 9 and also be returned to Pernos at the Spore Road. Talk to Pernos again and tell him that you are ready. You will then be taken to Sanctum. When you're teleported in, just ahead of you will be Leah.

Talk to her and head a bit southeast to the Lyceum. In here you will find Jucleaus who you will need to talk to in order to complete your Daeva Ceremony quest. After you complete the Daeva Ceremony you will need to talk to your class related NPC and turn in your quest. This will ding you level 10 and also give you an awsome weapon. Accept the followup from your Class NPC then head back to where you ported into from.

Here you will want to speak with Polyidus. He will allow you to be ported to Veteron, the next questing area.

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