Elyos Leveling Guide 6 - 8 Melponeh's Campsite

Once you reach Melponeh's Campsite turn in any quests you have and accept any all new ones. You should now have gotten following quests:

Thinning out the Worgs
Oz's Prayer Beads
Illegal Logging (Update)
Request of the Elim (Update)

With new quests in hand head back Semi-Towards our camp in Daminu Forest. You will want to stop at the little camp of Gray Worgs.

Gray WorgWorg Location

Here you will want to kill 9 Gray Worgs. After you finish killing all 9 of the Gray Worgs that you need to kill you will want to head over to where it says "Deforested Area" on the map. Over here you will want to kill Dukakai Woodcutters and Dukaki Lumberjacks for Kobold Axe6 Kobold Axes.

Dukaki Woodcutter

After you've collected Lumberjack Axe6 Lumberjack Axes and killed all 9 Gray Words head west following the path back into Daminu Forest. At our camp in Daminu Forest you'll find Forest Protector Noah. Turn in your quest to him and accept the followup. Now continue back east towards our camp by the deforested area. Along the path you will find Daminu. He is a large ass tree, you can't miss him.

He will show you your future, teleporting you to a new area. Talk to the NPC in front of you and you'll go through a quick cinematic. After it is done talk to Daminu again. Continue your quest and run all the way back to Melponeh's Campsite. Turn in your quest to Tula and talk to the Flightmaster to fly back to Akarios Village.

Here you will want to refresh your supply of quests. You'll turn in the super long chain to Kalio and also you'll want to grab the followup of Pernos's Robe. After you've done that fly back to Melponeh's Campsite. If you dinged level 7 back at town, at the campsite pick up the two new quests "Mushroom Research" and "Tula's Music Box". If you didn't ding level 7, grind a few mobs then return to the camp and grab these two quests.

Pernos Location

Now you will want to head far up the road, north to Pernos. Accept the quest Pernos has then continue north along the road. Up here you will want to kill 3 different types of mobs. Elder Sparkie's, Pincerhead Sparkles and Fearless Fungi.

Elder SparkieFearless Fungie

You have two quests to complete here. One is "Oz's Prayer Beads" Which requires you to kill the Sparkies for Prayer Bead3 Prayer Beads. The Fungi Creatures will give you Mushroom Hearts which are required for "Mushroom Research". Once you've completed these two quests return to the area you seen Pernos and take the path branching off northeast. This will take you to the Kabarah Strip Mine.

The first thing and only thing this time around you will want to do here is find Tutty. Tutty can be found exactly where I am standing on the map:

Video of where to find Tutty and the Ancient Cube

After you've found Tutty return to Pernos and Turn in your quest. Accept his followup quest and return to the Kabarah Strip Mine. You have quite a few quests for this area so I will list them all:

Avenging Tutty

Kill Dukakai Smackers and Brawlers for Kobold Spoon5 Kobold Spoons. They can be found at the far eastern side of the Mine.

Illegal Logging

Kill 12 of the Dukakai in the Mine. Any of them count.

Ancient Cube

Collect the Ancient CubeAncient Cube. Video of where you can find the Ancient Cube.

Tula's Music Box

Collect 7 pieces of Iron OreIron Ore. Iron Ore can be found all around the mine.

Neutralizing Odium

Get a Fluid Sample from the Cauldron at the Strip Mine. The Cauldron is far east in the mine. It can be found over top the "IP" in Strip. To see a video that contains the location of this Cauldron click here.

After you finish all of these quests return to Melponeh's Campsite and turn in all of your quests and accept the followups. From here fly back to Akarios Village and turn in your quest to Baevrunerk. This should ding you level 8. Buy any skills that you need then head north of town to the lake. At the lake you will want to kill the Brax population until you get a Brax HoofBrax Hoof.

After you've done that return to Melponeh's Campsite. Once you're back at the Campsite head over to Pernos and turn in your quests. Accept the new quests he has for you and continue west along the Spore Road. You will want to kill the Shade Fungen until you have Mushroom Spore3 Mushroom Spores. Once you have all 3 spores return to Pernos and refresh your quest yet again.

Shade Fungen

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