Elyos 10 - 11 Leveling Guide

Once you arrive in Veteron you will see that you have quite a bit of running around to do in this city picking up all of the quests. Before you leave the city or do anything else make sure you have all of the following quests:

Danger From Above
An Honest Merchant
Lobnite Hunt
Polluted Fountainhead
Ancient Lobnite Fossil
Decorative Weapons

Once you have all of these quests, It is time to experience flying for the first time. Hit your flying key, or click the large round circle with wings in the bottom right of your screen to take flight. You may have to fly around for a few minutes. Once you're used to flying you will want to fly up top the floating platform above Veteron. Up here you will find Hynops.


Video of where Hynops is / How to get to Hynops

Turn in your quest to Hynops and accept the followup quest. Now you will need to fly around the large floating platform and kill 3 Abyss Fragments. After you've destroyed 3 of the Abyss Fragments then land and head over to Kairon. Turn in your quest to Kairon then continue east out of town.


Now, you have a TON of killing to do of mobs around the town. I will list all of the quests and provide pictures of each of the ones you need to do. They can be done in any specific order, so don't sweat running around and just killing a lot.

An Honest Merchant

Swamp StarturtleSharphorn Starcrab

Collect Starturtle Shells5 Starturtle Shells
Collect Starcrab Carapaces6 Starcrab Carapaces

Lobnite Hunt

Spiral Lobnite

Kill 11 Lobnites

Polluted Fountainhead

Brownbeak AironSwamp Slink

Kill 10 Brownbeak Airons
Kill 10 Swamp Slinks

Ancient Lobnite Fossil


Collect the Ancient Lobnite FossilAncient Lobnite Fossil. The Fossil can be found on a cliffside just west of town. Type /where Fossil for the location on your map.

Decorative Weapons


Collect Crystal Fragment5 Crystal Fragments

Masked Loiterers

Masked Loiterers

Scout around Veteron Citadel for suspicious strangers. You need to scout the area my blue X is on the map.

Also while you're walking around the city killing everything you may see Gaione walk by. He is a Daeva that is in the form of a Tog. He has a quest to offer you. He wants you to kill 9 Mud Potcrabs and then return to him.


After you are done all of these quests return to Veteron Citadel and turn all of them in. Accept any more quests that are available and all follow ups. You should have the following quests now before leaving town:

Masked Loiterers (Updated)
A Father's Letter
A Mother's Worry

Once you've turned in all the quests and got the followups head back to where you originally did "Masked Loiterers". Now over here you will want to kill the Spies for Revolutionary Symbol5 Revolutionary Symbols. Once you have all 5 Symbols return to town and turn in your quest. When you're done in town head northeast to Gano.

Location of Gano

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