Asmodian Leveling Guide 6 - 10 Anturoon Crossing

When you first arrive in town the first thing you will want to do is grab all of the quests. The easiest way to level from here on out is by grinding. However there are a few quests we can do in the process to speed things up. You should have at least the following quests:

A Brax Skin Rug
Food Bandits
Up to no Good

NOTE: Don't forget to set your bind point to the Obelisk here.

On the outskirts of town you will want to kill pretty much everything you see. The mobs that you need for quests, however are Brax's ... NOT Braxie's. Karnif's and Sailors. When you finish your quests return to Anturoon Crossing and turn them all in. From here you will want to fly back to Aldelle Village. Back in Aldelle Village you will want to turn in your quests to Ulgorn and Dalor. After turning in both of these quests as well as the ones at Anturoon Crossing you should be level 7.

Buy and new skills and return to Anturoon Crossing. Once you're back in town head northeast towards the Graveyard. Up here you will run into 3 NPC's at a little camp. One has a quest and the other has a quest for you to turn in. Turn in your quest and accept the other quest then continue northeast along the path to the Graveyard.

Up here you will want to kill Grave Sparkies for Sparkle Leg5 Sparkle Legs and also kill the Thorned Ampha's for Ampha Thorn3 Ampha Thorns. You will also want to kill the Vengeful Ghosts here for Dead Folks' Stuff4 Dead Folks' Stuff. Once you've completed both quests use your return ability to... return to Anturoon Crossing. =X

Turn in your quest at Anturoon Crossing and then continue north back to the Camp of NPC's. Turn in your quest to them and continue back to the Graveyard. Here you will want to grind until level 9.

NOTE: The Vengeful Ghosts here also have a chance to drop a Necklace which will start a quest. This quest will require you to collect Bone Piles from the ground and place them in an Incinerator in the northeastern section of the Graveyard. After you do that you are able to turn in the quest.

Once you reach level 9 you will be automatically given your Ascension quest which will require you to talk to Munin.

Ascension Quest

This is the final thing you will be doing before reaching level 10. The Ascension quest first requires you to talk to Munin. Talk to Munin and refresh your quest. Next thing you will need to do is to return to Aldelle Village. Here you will want to talk to Urd to continue your quest. After you've done that follow the road west to Munihele Forest.

Inside the forest you will want to speak to Verdandi (Same NPC that helped you with Rae) and continue your quest here as well. Next up is the final NPC that you will need, Skuld. She is south of Anturoon Crossing overlooking the ocean.

Skuld Location

Skuld is the final NPC you need to talk to. After you talk to her and get the final card you will want to return to Munin. You will turn in your quest to Munin and tell him you are ready to enter the Prophecy.

You will enter the same world Verdandi sent you earlier. This time however you will be able to complete what you where doing here. This time when you land you will be attacked by 4 NPC's. You will need to defeat them all and then defeat the general when he comes out. Afterwords Munin will reappear, speak with him and choose your class.

After you choose your class you will once again need to speak with Munin and tell him that you're ready to complete your Daeva Ceremony. When you tell him you are ready you will be transported to Pandaemonium where you will want to talk to Heimdal. Refresh your quest at him and then head northeast to the Great Temple.

Great Temple Location

In this room you will need to speak with Balder. Continue your quest at Balder to enter another Cut scene which he will make you a Daeva. After the Cut scene continue the quest and speak to your class trainer. Turn in your quest and you will ding level 10. You'll also be able to choose an awesome weapon.

After you choose your weapon accept the follow up from the trainer and also buy all your skills. Now return to where you came in and head directly south to the Teleporter guy. Speak to him and select "Teleport". Then select the location "Altgard".

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