Asmodian Leveling Guide 10 - 11

When you arrive in Altgard you will want to accept all of the quests in town. You will also want to turn in any quests that you have. You also will want to accept the quests a tad west out of town from the Mau, Emgata and Heidunn. The quest from the Mau requires you to re-enter town and talk to Suthran.

Talk to him and refresh your quest then return to Itu. Turn in your quest and accept the "Mau in Ten Minutes" quest. For this quest you will need to open your inventory and right click the Mau Secret RemedyMau Secret Remedy to drink it. Once you have done that you will need to head into the Dungeon to find MuMu Bon. Below is a video of how to find the dungeon:

Once you're down in the Dungeon speak with MuMu Bon and continue your quest. Now return to the Surface and fly up to Borender. Borender is another tricky one to find so I will also show you a video of how to get to him:

You will want to refresh both of your quests at Borender. One of his quests will teach you the basics of Aerial Combat. You will need to destroy the Abyss Fungus around the island he is up on. After you defeat all of the Abyss Fungus's you will need to return to ground level and turn in any quests you have completed.

NOTE: If you're looking for Noronia for "The Scribbler" she is below the town in the Dungeon where MuMu Bon was.

After you've done all the running around in town you will want to make sure you're tracking the following quests:



Kill 4 Lepharist Revolutionaries. My Video that shows you where Borender is also shows you where the Lepharist Revolutionaries are.

Ice Lake Crystals

Crystal Stone

Collect Altgard Crystal6 Altgard Crystals. They can be found all around Altgard. They are most commonly found in the water, however.

Slinking About

Frost Slink

Collect 5 Slink Tails. Slinks can be found walking all around Altgard. They are most commonly found in the water, like the crystals.

The Crasaur Threat

Ice Crasaur

Kill 10 Ice Crasaurs. Ice Crasaurs can be found all around Altgard. They are most commonly found to the north and south of it usually in the water.

The Lobnite Problem

Tentacled Lobnite

Kill 10 Tentacled Lobnites. The Lobnites are most commonly found walking around the outside of the walls surrounding Altgard.


Mana StoneMana Stone

Armor Flux Armor Flux

Weapon FluxWeapon Flux

Lesser Elemental StoneLesser Elemental Stone

Iron OreIron Ore


After you finish all of these quests you'll want to grind the mobs out here until level 11. Once you reach level 11 return to town and turn in all the quests. After you've turned in all of the quests you will want to head west to Moslan Forest.

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