Asmodian Leveling Guide 5 - 6

When you reach Munihele Forest you will want to turn in your quest to Motgar and grab the other quests here. You will want to start tracking the following quests:

Where's Rae?
Token of a Lost Love
Sap for Leather
The Insect Problem

For The Insect Problem choose the first option to hunt Sparkies. First things first you will want to head just south to Verdandi. When you reach Verdandi you will want to turn in your quest and accept the follow up quest.


Now what you need to do is kill 7 Whitefoot Daru, Kill Arma Snufflers until you get the Shiny Silver RingShiny Silver Ring and also kill 10 Grove Sparkies.

Whitefoot DaruGrove SparkieArma Snuffler

All 3 of these mobs that you need to kill can be found in the Forest Area. Once you complete all 3 quests return to Verdandi and turn in your quest. Accept the follow up and find a "Sticky Mushroom" in the forest. They can be found around Trees, Rocks and Stumps. Once you find one loot it and return to Verdandi.

Sticky Mushroom

Accept the follow up and you will be given a glance of your future. In your future speak with the NPC and you'll go through a quick clip of you flying through the air. When you land you will re-enter the world.

Refresh your quest at Verdandi and check all of the frogs around her. One of the frogs will be called "Cute Ribbit" when you talk to this frog it will turn into Rae who you will need to complete your quest.

Cute Ribbit

Return to Motgar and Dabi and turn in your quests. Then you will want to continue along the path to Anturoon Crossing.

Anturoon Crossing

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