Asmodian Leveling Guide 3 - 5

Once you reach Aldelle Village your quest log will pop up, showing you it has accepted your first Career Quest. Also, right as you enter town... To your right you will see an Obelisk. Right click this and set your bind location here. Accept all the quests in town. You can tell that the NPC has a quest by either a blue or yellow Arrow/Star floating over their head. Below are pictures to help you figure out what you're looking for.

Aion Quest Icons

Aion Quest Icons

The final quest you should accept is on your way out of town, from Nobekk. Once you've accepted his quest hit "J" to bring up your quest log. Check all of the quests on, so you add them to your tracker. After you do that head northeast.

Aion Quest Log

While you're running around, chances are you will see Angelica FlowerAngelica Flowers. Right click these flowers to gather them, they are used in a quest and also tradeskills.


Your first stop should be the Sprigg Camp. If you hit "M" to bring up your map, it is right above the M and P in Camp.

Sprigg Camp

At the Sprigg Camp you will need to collect Sprigg Grain Sack4 Sprigg Grain Sacks, which you can find scattered across the ground.

Sprigg Grain Sack

After you've collected all 4 head southeast to the large lake, you can't miss it. Along the outskirts of the water you will find Web Slinks, which you need to kill for "The Shinier The Better" quest.

Web Slink

Kill these Web Slinks until you have Slink Oil5 Slink Oils. Also, at the eastern most point of the lake you will find Bolir, who is an NPC with a quest.


After you have all 5 Slink Oils and the quest from Bolir, head into the lake.

Bird and Flower

In the Lake you will need to collect Ampreh Flower6 Ampreh Flowers, from the Ampreh plants and also kill the black beak airon birds for Airon Breast Feather6 Airon Breast Feathers. Once you've collected all the Ampreh Flowers and Breast Feathers that you need return to Bolir and turn in your quest. Accept the follow up and head to Negi. Talk to her to update the quest then return to Bolir and turn in the quest.

Also, at this time you should of gotten more then enough Angelica flowers to complete your "Angelica For Health And Wellbeing" quest. If not, collect the remaining ones that you need and return to town. Back in town, turn in all of the quests you have completed and accept all of the quests available.

Also, when you turn in your quest to Bacorerk, it would be a good idea to buy the "Expand Cube." Option from him. This will increase your inventory space. You should have two quests before you leave town, "Idle Hands" and "Thinking Ahead". With these two quests in hand head back to where you originally had to collect the Sprigg Grain Sacks. Now you will need to kill Sprigg Gatherers.

Sprigg Gatherer

You will need to kill a total of 6 Sprigg Gatherers. Only the gatherers will count, the foremans will not. After you kill all 6 gatherers return to town and turn in your quest to Boromer. You will have one quest left to do and that is to follow the path southwest to Motgar.


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