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Asmodian Leveling Guide 11 - 13

This is where it finally starts becoming faster to actually grind the levels instead of quest. Regardless once you get into Moslan Forest you will want to grab the quests from the NPC's at camp and also turn in the one that you have.

Outpost at Moslan Forest

You should have the following quests:

Karnif Threat
No-Frills Quills
Strange Fruit
A Dangerous Crop
Scout It Out

First thing you will want to do around town is kill the Plumas for Pluma Feather5 Pluma Feathers and also 10 Karnifs. You'll want to kill both of these mobs while working your way up north towards the Okaru Tree. Make sure you kill all the Plumas and Karnifs that you need before picking the Fruit from the tree. When you pick the Okaru FruitOkaru Fruit you will get a DoT placed on you that only Tigg can remove.

Okaru Tree

Once you've killed all the Plumas and Karnifs pick the Fruit from the tree and continue back to Tigg. Get the Poison off yourself by turning in the quest and then turn in your other two quests as well. Accept the new quests in town and then head west towards the MuMu Farmland.

Moslan Forest Togs

Where I am on the map will have Togs which will drop Tog RibTog Ribs. You need 6 of these ribs for your quest. When you get all 6 you will want to follow the road north until you run into Manir. When you see Manir you will want to grind mobs around him until level 12. When you ding level 12 you will be able to accept his quest.

Accept the quest from Manir and continue north into Manir's Docks. Here you will need to find the Suspicious Documents which are in the house to the far north. They can be found on the table to the right when you enter.

Suspicious Documents

Suspicious Document

Once you have the Suspicious Documents you will want to exit the building and head northeast to the Waterfall. Here you will find Groken. Talk to him and refresh your quest. Now you will need to return to the house where you found the Suspicious Documents and go behind it. Here you will find a safe, the one that Groken asked you to find.


Groken's Safe

Groken's Safe

Loot the safe and then return to Groken. Turn in your quest and accept the follow up. You will now need to escort him just south of you to the large boat. You really can't miss it. When you arrive at the boat right click it to complete your quest.

The only quest you have left in this area is to talk to Manir again and turn in your quest. Before leaving this area you will want to grind the Lepharist's until level 13. Once you reach level 13 you will want to return to Manir and turn in your quest. After you've turned in the quest to Manir accept the follow up and head far south to the MuMu Farmland.

MuMu Farmstead

Right about where I am you will receive credit for scouting the Farmland. When you do return to Moslan Forest's Outpost and refresh your quests.

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