Aion Profession Guides

In Aion there are 6 Professions you can choose from. Players are able to have as many professions as they want however you are only allowed to master in two of them. Aion is quite different then other games when it comes to Professions. Players are able to raise their skill by fulfilling Work Orders. Work Orders are quests that the Profession Master gives players to raise their skill. To learn more about Work Orders please view my work orders section below. In Aion there are different levels for each profession, depending on your skill. A quick list of these levels are below:

Lesser: level 1 - 99
Regular: 100 - 199
Greater: 200 - 299
Expert: 300 - 399
Master: 400 - 450

Since you will only be allowed to master two professions choose your professions wisely. Below is a list of all of the professions. Click on the profession that you would like to know more about.

Weapon Smithing
Armor Smithing


Explanation on Work Orders
Proc'ing Explanation

Click here for a link that will show you maps of where each and every Gathering Node is located. The map will also show you which nodes are in which zones.

Extraction Skills

In Aion players have two types of Extracting skills, better known as Gathering Skills. These two Extraction skills are Extract Vitality and Extract Aether. Extract Vitality is the one you use to gather really everything. Extract Aether is specifically for materials that you gather while flying. Extract Vitality is pretty easy to raise, Extract Aether on the other hand will be a pain in the rear to raise. Below I've included guides for each faction to help you raise both skills:

Asmodian Extract Vitality Guide

Asmodian Extract Aether Guide

Elyos Extract Vitality Guide

Elyos Extract Aether Guide



Q: How do I get more designs for Crafting?

A: You can buy them from the crafting vendor in the main town. When you open the trade window click the "Design" tab. This will show you the designs he has for sale.

Q: Do I have to do Work Orders to raise my skill?

A: No, you can raise your skill by buying designs and doing crafting normally. However Work Orders are the quickest way to raise your skill.

Q: What is cheaper to raise your skill, Work Orders or The "Old Fashion" way?

A: The "Old Fashion" way if you're farming the materials yourself. Buying them off the AH will probably cause the old fashion way to be more expensive.

Q: What type of Gear and Weapons can I make with Crafting?

A: Unlike many other games, with Aion some of the best Gear and Weapons come from Crafting.