Aion Work Orders

Each Profession Master starts by giving the player 1 Work Order. It requires a skill of level 1 in order to accept the first Work Order. For the first Work Order the NPC will supply all of the materials required to craft what he asks for. Players will gain skill ups for crafting the items he requires but not for turning in the actual quest. When your Tradeskill reaches level 10 you will be able to accept a new Work Order.

The one at level 10 requires you to buy some materials of your own and of course is a little harder to make. However, the chance of getting a skill up from it is much more likely. When you reach level 20, you will be able to accept another Work Order that requires even more of your own materials to make. This process will repeat itself the higher your skill gets.

Players can use Work Orders to raise their Profession Skills all the way up to max. However It is not as easy as it sounds. The higher you get, the more expensive the "excess" items you have to buy are making it one long Money/Time sink. (As with every other game). Something new and innovative with Aion is that when you successfully craft you will gain XP. Not XP towards increasing your skill but actual XP that will progress you through your level.

Things to Note About Work Orders

- As you raise your skill in that craft everything will become more and more expensive

- You will be able to use Work Orders from 1 to Max Skill.

- You can repeat Work Orders as many times as you want

- You can NOT request more materials for your Work Order. If you fail too many times you will be required to abandon your Work Order and reaccept it.