F.A.Q For Current Players

Very similar to the other F.A.Q that is designed for New Players, this one is designed to help you with anything that is currently in game. If you're having trouble finding anything in game, or have any questions you can't find an answer too, maybe this page will help you find it. To make it easier to find a question, if you didn't already get brought to this page via google hold "ctrl" and hit "F" to bring up the find menu. From there type in your question and hope that it finds it! =P

Warning: <Long List of questions without much seperating them>

Q: Where is the Altgarde Fortress Dungeon?

A: Watch this video for the location.

Q: Where is Borender?

A: Watch this video for the location of Borender. Or if you're too lazy, fly up to the island above the town.

Q: Where are the Lephar Revolutionaries?

A: Watch this video for the location of the Lephar Revolutionaires.

Q: Where is Noronia?

A: She is located in the Altgarde Fortress Dungeon. Watch this video for a location of the dungeon.

Q: What is the quickest way to regen mana and health?

A: The default "rest" key is the " , " (Comma) on the keyboard. Otherwise you can use Bandages to restore your health or potions.

Q: How Well Does a Scout solo?

A: Scouts have a very hard time soloing until level 10, where they are able to further specialize in their class.

Q: How well does a Warrior Solo?

A: Very similar to scouts, warriors have a very hard time soloing until level 10, where they are able to further specialize in their class.

Q: Where will I find the first Auction House?

A: Your factions capital city.

Q: Where do I get bandages?

A: You can buy them from any general goods vendor.

Q: How Do I increase the size of my inventory?

A: You can talk to certain Cube Modifier NPC's and buy an inventory upgrade. The first inventory upgrade you can buy is in the first town you come to for both Elyos and Asmodians.

Q: How can I tell if a mob will agro me first?

A: When you mouse over a mob it will say "Pre-emptive Strike". This means if you get too close, he will attack you first.

Q: How do I start a guild? - How Do I start a Legion?

A: To start a Legion you must find the Legion Registrar in your factions capital city. In order to start a legion you will need to pay a small fee and need to name it.

Q: How much does it cost to start a Legion?

A: Level 1: 10,000 kinah - Level 2: 100,000 kinah - Level 3: 1,000,000 Kinah + 20,000 Abyss Points

Q: What is the difference between legion levels?

A: It effects what you're able to purchase in The Abyss and also how many members you're allowed to have

Q: How well do Gladiator's Solo?

A: Quite well actually, since Aion has bandages, potions and abilities for people to heal themselves. You can also press the comma button on your keyboard to rest.

Q: What does an Obelisk do?

A: When you die, you will be returned to the Obelisk. You will need to pay a small fee in order to bind yourself to it, in adition the Soul Healer stands right next to the Obelisk. When you die you will need to pay her to recover your lost XP.

Q: What does DP do?

A: You Earn DP by killing monsters. When you die or use a DP skill, which you will get at a higher level, you lose DP.

Q: Can I enchant my gear?

A: Yes and No, you can socket your gear with manastones, if it has sockets. If you'd like to read more about this head over to my Aion Newbie Guides section.

Q: Are there flightpaths in Aion?

A: Yes, there will be a Flight Master in each town you are able to talk to.

Q: Where can I train my crafting Professions?

A: The first place you can train any of your crafting professions if your factions capital city, right after the Daeva ceremony.

Q: How do I train new skills?

A: You need to buy books from your class trainer and then right click the book in your inventory.

Q: How do you customize your UI / Interface in Aion?

A: Currently you're not allowed to use any form of an addon in Aion. The only way that is currently available for you to customize your interface is by moving the picture of your character and minimap up to the top of the screen, similar to how it is in all of my videos. The option to do this is under the main tab of your options menu. Look for where it says "UI Bottom" and click it to bring up another option for "UI Top". Select that option.

Q: How Do I Set Keybindings?

A: In your options menu there is a individual tab for Key Bindings.

Q: How Do I Disable click to move?

A: In the main window of the options menu, on the right hand side you will see an option that says "Disable click to Move" Check this option.

Q: What level can you enter The Abyss?

A: Level 25

Q: How long does Hide (Stealth) last?

A: 45 seconds or until canceled.

Q: How do I fly up and down while flying?

A: Use R and F. You can also pan your camera up and down

Q: Are there banks in Aion? If so where are they?

A: Yes, they are called warehouses. You can find them in any capital city and some other "side cities".

Q: Where is Rae?

A: You must speak with the "Cute Ribbit" in order to summon Rae to turn in your quest. The other Ribbits will not work.

Q: Who starts the Ascension quest for Asmodians?

A: Munin. He is the guy that is caged in the prison, by now you are sure to of seen him.

Q: Who starts the Elyos Ascension quest?

A: Pernos. He is a large talking tree.

Q: Where is Urd?

A: Urd is located in Aldelle Village, use the quest tracker to find her.

Q: Where is the Old Witch?

A: She is located in Munihele Forest, where you had to find Rae earlier.

Q: Where is Skuld?

A: Skuld is southwest of Anturoon Crossing. Use quest tracker to find her easily.

Q: Can you increase the speed of which you fly in Aion?

A: Yes at level 25 you will get a quest that allows you to fly 33% faster. It is also the quest that allows you access to The Abyss.

Q: Can you increase how long you stay in the air while flying?

A: Yes, in many ways more then one. There are potions, scrolls, food and Manastones that will increase the time you're airborn. Certain titles will also increase your flight time and speed of which you fly.

Q: What drops the Shiny Silver Ring?

A: the Arma Snufflers. It will just take awhile in order for you to get it. Usually 10 kills

Q: Where are the Sticky Mushrooms?

A: They can be found near trees and rocks in the Munihele Forest.

Q: Where is the chest that contains the Black Opal Necklace?

A: Southwest of Autroon Outpost. It is in the Kanrif cave.

Q: Where are the Vengeful Ghosts that I need for Treasure of the Dead?

A: Northeast of Autroon Crossing is where you can find them.

Q: Where are the Sprigg Grain Sacks?

A: You can find them south of Lake Tunapre

Q: Where can I get Azpha?

A: They are Herbs you can find all over the landscape, you will need to use your Crafting skill in order to pick them up.

Q: Where can I find the Eyvindr Sailor's and Eyvindr Peon's for Up to no Good?

A: Southeast of Autroon Crossing.

Q: Where can I get Odella Powder?

A: General Goods Vendors

Q: Where do I find the Treasure Map?

A: Southeast of Autroon Crossing on the Pirate Ship.

Q: How Do I leave Region Chat?

A: Right click your Windows Tab > Tab Options > Channels > Unclick Channel 1

Q: Where can I get Aether Powder?

A: Aether Veins. They can be found up in the Sky. The first place you can find one of these veins is above Altgard (as Asmodian)

Q: Where is the Mau Secret Remedy?

A: It is in your backpack, find it and right click it.

Q: Where is the Okaru Tree?

A: North of the outpost in Moslan Forest. It is directly north of th "la" in Moslan Forest.

Q: Where can I find Riped Frightcorn for Ripened Frightcorn?

A: At the MuMu Farmlands. After you find the Farmlands look for large plant stalks sticking out of the ground. They look like some kind of Mini-Fruit tree.

Q: Where can I find Aria?

A: It can be found all over the Landscape.

Q: Why Can't I loot some of the Wine Barrels at Ager's Farm?

A: Some of the Wine Barrels are bugged, you will need to find the ones that aren't and loot them.

Q: Can Chanters Use Shields?

A: No.

Q: Can Chanters use 2h Weapons?

A: Only Staves

Q: Can Rangers Shoot their targets close range?

A: Yes

Q: Why can I not ding level 10?

A: In order to reach level 10, you will need to complete the Ascension Quest

Q: Where is Munin?

A: Follow the path far northeast from Autroon Outpost. Stick to the path and you will run into him.

Q: Do Chanters get a group heal?

A: No

Q: How is Chanters healing at end game?

A: It's decent. You will be able to heal a group. They aren't the best at healing but they're also not the worst.

Q: How is Chanters End game damage?

A: Right below Assassins and Gladiator's for melee damage. You do more damage then a Templar, less then ass and glad.

Q: Where can I find Mau Stalkers for the quest to collect Odella?

A: All over the farmlands. They are scarce so keep your eye out.

Q: Where is Rae for the Abyss Gate Quest?

A: Far west in the Canyon that is full of Mau.

Q: What type of Armor can Scouts where in Aion?

A: Leather

Q: What type of Armor can Clerics and Chanters wear in Aion?

A: They start out only being able to wear up to leather, when you hit level 10 and ascend you can wear mail.

Q: Where Is Tutty?

A: Tutty can be found north of the "K" in "Kabarah Strip Mine. He is in the middle of the camp being grilled. Click here to see a video of his location.

Q: Why Am I Not Getting Credit for Tursin Outlaws?

A: Some of the Outlaws are bugged and don't give credit.

Q: Where is the Cauldron for "Neutralizing Odium?

A: Far east in the Strip Mine right near the "IP" in Strip.

Q: Where is the Ancient Cube?

A: Above the "AH" in Kabarah Strip Mine. It's as far north as you can go in an alcove. For a video location of this item click here.

Q: Where is Hynops?

A: You have to fly up to him. He can be found above Veteron Citadel. Click here to watch a video to see where he is.

Q: Where are the Abyss Fragments?

A: They are around the island Hynops is on above Veteron Citadel. Click here to watch a video to see where he is.

Q: Where is the Ancient Lobnite Fossil?

A: The Ancient Lobnite Fossil can be found by typing /where Fossil . I've also created a video of an area where it can be. You usually will always have to fly to get this fossil. Click here to watch a video of where it can be found.

Q: Where do I go for Scout It Out?

A: On the far western side of Manir's Docks, In a building you can find a Suspicious Document. When you loot this it will complete your quest.

Q: Where is Manir's Safe / Where is Groken's Safe?

A: Behind the house you found the Suspicious Document in you will find Groken's Safe.

Q: Where is the Lepharist Revolutionaries Wagon for Scout it Out?

A: Track the quest. When the "X" appears on your map it's just west of that in the Lephar Camp.

Q: Where can I buy the Veteron Pepper?

A: The Cook/Food Vendor sells it in Veteron Citadel

Q: Where can I find the clue for Belbua is Missing?

A: The Lepharist Revolutionary's drop it at Belbua's Farm

Q: How do I stop Walking?

A: Hit the . "Period" key on your keyboard.

Q: Where is the fresh water source in the MuMu village for "Fear This"?

A: The large Waterfall at the southern section of the village. Use the vial here.

Q: Where can I Find Rubus for "Feed a Cold"?

A: Rubus is a very rare to find herb, you can find it west of Tolbas Village and also up near Pilgrim's Respite. For exact locations watch this video.

Q: Where are the Contaminated Plumas?

A: They can only be found during the day, Altamia Ridge

Q: Where are The Ancient Spirits for "Dispelling Ancient Spirits"?

A: They can be found at the Altamia Ridge at night.

Q: Where is Poppy?

A: Poppy can be found at the Dukaki Mine, right near the zone to the Dukakai Settlement. Click here to see my Elyos leveling guide which has his exact location on the map.

Q: Where is the Village Seal?

A: The Village Seal can be found far back in the Dukaki Mine. For an exact location take a look at my Elyos leveling guide which has an exact location on the map.