Aion Gear Guide

Gearing up a character in Aion is one of the most important things you will be doing, very similar to every other game. This guide will better explain how gear works in Aion to give new players more of an edge when starting Aion.

Gear Types

As with many other games, there are different gear types. Usually the gear types will tell you the rarity of the item and give you an idea of what grade the stats will be on the item. In Aion, Chest, Legs, Shoulder, Gloves and Boots will offer Socket slots. The Rarity of the item will also determine how many sockets the item has. For a list of each Rarity grade, take a look below.

Normal (Gray): Normal items are common drops and also purchased from vendors. These items are the lowest rarity level an item can be. Normal items will have anywhere between 1 and 2 sockets.

Rare (Green): Rare items can be found as drops off monsters, sold from certain vendors and crafted. As the rarity suggests, these items are more rare then others, however they are more "Uncommon" then rare. Rare items will have anywhere between 2 and 3 socket slots.

Legendary (Blue): Legendary items are very rare items that can be found as drops or purchased from contribution vendors. Legendary items will have anywhere between 3 and 4 sockets.

Unique (Orange): Unique items are the rarest items in the game. These items can be found off boss type mobs as well as purchased from Contribution vendors. Unique items will have anywhere between 4 and 5 sockets.


Enchantments improve specific attributes on weapons and armor. Players are able to extract enchantment stones from items by buying a set of extration tools from a general goods vendor. Extracting the stone will destroy the item you are extracting it from. Once you have the enchantment stone, you can try and use it on one of your items to boost its stats.

There is also a chance that you will when putting the stone into the item and lose the stone. Also, if you try and enchant an already enchanted item and fail, your item will lose one level of enchantment. One way to reduce your chance of failing to enchant an item is to try and use a higher level stone than your items level.


Manastones are used to socket your gear and provide it with a number of possible enchantments. You can usually find these stones on creatures that you kill throughout Atreia. Manastones will provide players with a number of possible enchants such as increased Evasion, Parry, Hitpoints, Attack, Mana and more. If you'd like to see the full list of mana stones click here.

To socket a Mana Stone you will first need an empty socket in a piece of gear. If you've already placed something in the socket you can visit a specific vendor in your capital city that you can pay to remove the mana stone.


Godstones are the last and one of the most powerful enchantments you can add to your gear. In order to socket a Godstone you will need a free socket in your piece of gear and to visit a Godstone vendor in your factions captial city. Unlike Manastones, Godstones can only be socketed into weapons. When you socket a Godstone it will also give your weapon a cool shiny glow, much like enchanting a weapon in WoW.

In order to socket a godstone you will need to be at least level 30. For a list of all the Godstones click here.