Elyos Leveling Guide 13 - 14

Once you arrive at the Geolus Campsite, grab all of the quests. Once you have all of the quests it's time to make a quick run back to Veteron and turn in your two quests here. After you've turned in your two quests, If you haven't been back to Sanctum recently to get new skills I recommend you do that now. If you have, well then continue back to the Geolus Campsite.

On your way back to the Geolus Campsite stop and kill 7 Rakeclaw Fillnecks. These raptor looking things can be found north of the Geolus Campsite.

Rakeclaw Frillneck

After you kill 7 of the Rakeclaw Fillnecks head a little bit closer to the Geolus Campsite and kill Togs and Plumas.

Wild Striped TogLeaf Pluma

After you've completed both quests head more south, a little bit past the Geolus Campsite. Here you will find more Rakeclaw Frillnecks and more importantly their eggs which can be found around trees in the area.

Frillneck Egg

NOTE: While you're in the wide open plain, don't forget to raise your gathering skills as well.

As for the complaints I will probably get, yes I prefer doing both the kill Rakeclaw quest and collect eqq quest seperate. The extra bit of killing helps for the things coming up. After you've completed this quest return to Geolus Campsite and turn in your quest. After you turn in your quest here head up north to Tolbais Village. Turn in your quest and accept all of the quests here.

You should have the following quests:

Stolen Jewelry
Stolen Village Seal
Collecting Poison Sacs
Missing Poppy
Gift to a Pilgrim
Frillneck Hunt (updated)

Now, it is time to return to the Dukakai Mine. Yeah, I know. This place blows. I completly agree. You will need to do the following quests at the Mine this time around:

Stolen Jewelry

Kill the Kobolds here for each of the 3 pieces of her stolen jewelry.

The Cooks drop one piece of Jewelry
Bruisers drop another piece of Jewelry
Watchers drop the third and final piece

Each of these 3 mobs is located in the Dukakai Settlement, not the mine.

Stolen Village Seal

Stolen Village Seal

You will need to get the Stolen Village Seal from the Pile of Items far back in the Mine. Above is a picture of the location. When you try to loot the pile the Shugo in the cage nearby will tell you that the Village Seal is not there.

Shugo and Mimiti

Interact with him and he will have a quest for you. You will need to agro Mimiti who is just below the hill and pull her up to him. You will need to hit her and have her hit you a few times while you're running up the hill. Once you get them close enough to each other a cutscene will happen. After the cutscene you can turn in your quest and then you'll be able to loot the seal from the pile.

Missing Poppy


Find Poppy. This is the final quest you will want to do in this area since it is an escort. Once you find him you will need to interact with him to begin the Escort. It is important that you don't move too fast otherwise you will lose him. You also will need to protect him so that he doesn't get killed.

After you've completed both quests, start the escort with Poppy and bring him back to town. Turn in all 3 of your quests. After you turn in your quests a new one will pop up from Abolos called "Lightningfoot Tuka". This quest requires you to return to the Dukaki Mine yet again and kill the Lightningfoot Tuka.

Southern Tolbas Forest

The purple X on the picture above is the location of the Lightningfoot Tuka on the map. Head over to his spawn location and wait for him to spawn. When he does he will keep running for the village and will not stop when you attack him. You'll need to chase him down and continually punch his face in. When you kill him return to Abolos and turn in your quest. From Abolos head back to Southern Tolbas Forest.

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