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Classic WoW Class Macros Index

All of the guides on this page were written/updated when Blizzard rereleased WoW Classic during 2019. For the most part all of the macros on this page should work with both the Private Servers for WoW Classic as well as the official rerelease of the game. Don't forget, however, Blizzard changed how the macro system worked for the rerelease and it uses a hybrid current WoW and old WoW system. Two of the biggest things that are unavailable with this new macro system are Focus targets and the ability to target any raid mark with a macro.


Druid Class Macros
- Druid Talents

Hunter Class Macros

Mage Class Macros
- Mage General Info
- Mage Talents

Paladin Class Macros

Priest Class Macros

Rogue Class Macros

Shaman Class Macros

Warlock Class Macros
- Warlock Talents

Warrior Tanking Guide
- Warrior Macros Guide


General Purpose Macros for WoW Classic












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