Mage General Info

This page contains most general knowledge that you should know about the Mage class. I will be adding more to the page as time goes on, for now it contains just a few things.


Mage Hit Cap

Casters will always have a 1% chance to miss with their spells even at Hit cap. Much like for melee users, your target's level determines what your chance to miss is. Use the chart below depending on your enemies current level.

Since raid bosses are level 63 that means you need a total of 16% Hit to reach the Hit Cap. You'll get 6% hit from talents (if you get the talents in Frost) which means you'll need to get another 10% hit from your gear. This is why Bloodvine gear is so good for raiding mages.

PvP Target: 4% Chance to Miss

Level 60 Target: 4% Chance to Miss

Level 61 Target: 5% Chance to Miss

Level 62 Target: 6% Chance to Miss

Level 63 Target: 17% Chance to Miss




Mage Spell Power Coefficients

This section details how much each spell benefits from the +Spell Power that is on your gear. The way the game usually calculates +Spell Power is by the cast speed of whatever spell it is you're casting. Spells with a 3 second cast speed generally gain the full benefit of your gears +Spell Power whereas the spells that cast faster gain less. Here is a list of all the popular mage spells and how much each benefits from the +SP on your gear.


Fireball: 100%

Arcane Missiles: 100%

Pyroblast: 100%

Frostbolt: 81.40%

Scorch: 42.85%

Fireblast: 42.85%

Flamestrike: 17.61%

Pyroblast DoT: 17.50%

Arcane Explosion: 14.28%

Cone of Cold: 13.57%

Blast Wave: 13.57%

Frost Nova: 13.57%

Blizzard: 4.13% (Per tick)

Flamestrike DoT: 1.70%