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Almar's World of Warcraft Guides

           These guides are made for you, the new guy. Whos keyboard and monitor endures hours of you sitting there slamming the desk screaming "Yeah I know what I need to find, now where the @#%# is it??!?!". Ahem, now I've seperated this page into different catagories, to help you easily find the guild that best suites you. Once you do, click on the link to get started.

Almar's World of Warcraft Class Guides

How to install and activate your WoW Addons


Q: Where can I download the WoW free trial?

A: Click here to be taken to the page to download the WoW Free Trial.

Q: What types of servers are in WoW?

A: PvE, PvP, Role playing and RP PvP. PvE, also reffered to as a normal server means another player won't be able to attack you without your consent. PvP means another player (As long as they are on the Opposite faction) can attack you at any time. Role Playing is a Role Playing Preferred server that uses PvE Rules. RP PvP is a Role Playing Preferred Server that uses PvP rules.

Q: What type of internet connection will I need to run WoW?

A: Any type of Internet connection, although I do recommend a cable connection.

Q: Once I choose my server, If I don't like It can I change it?

A: Yes, Blizzard offers character transfers for 25$ per character.

Q: My armor broke, what now?

A: You can repair your armor at a vendor that allows repair, try the local towns Blacksmith.

Q: How long does it take to level in WoW?

A: You can reach max level in about a month if you're playing hardcore and don't know what you're doing. If you know all of the quests (Or use my leveling guide) it may take 2 weeks tops.

Q: Does WoW ever release free content?

A: Yes, Blizzard patches the game with new raid instances/battlegrounds and other goodies from time to time.

Q: How is WoW's community?

A: The only downfall of WoW... It's community. If you grew up with a younger brother or sister that cried a lot or complained. You'll fit right in with the community of WoW.

Q: Is it hard to level up in WoW?

A: Not in the slightest! Leveling up in WoW is seriously probably the easiest thing you can ever do in life. If you actually sat down and focused on leveling then you could get max level in a week no problem.

Q: Is it hard to find groups in WoW?

A: Yes and no. Grouping for dungeons in WoW can be done through a Dungeon Finder which automatically places you in a group with others. This can only be done for dungeons, however. You cannot use the Dungeon Finder to find a raid group, however Blizzard has mentioned they may add a raid finder in at some point. Also finding a pug raid is difficult. Not only will you be required to link a meaningless Achievement to join the raid but chances are the people in it suck too.

Q: Is WoW difficult to play?

A: No, not at all. It is difficult to master, however.

Q: Is WoW a PvP or PvE game?

A: Kind of both, it is driven by both PvE and PvP. The game is balanced around PvP but more PvE content gets added in than PvP content.





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