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Wintergrasp Achievement Guide

1000 Stone Keeper's Shards1000 Stone Keeper's Shards: Obtain 1000 Stone Keeper's Shards. You will get these from instances when your faction is in control of Wintergrasp. The Stone keeper's Shards that you get from the Wintergrasp Dailies do not count towards this achievement.

Against the OddsAgainst the Odds: Win Wintergrasp while having Tenacity. When you're out numbered you will be given a buff called Tenacity, when Wintergrasp when you have this buff.

Vehicular GnomeslaughterVehicular Gnomeslaughter: Kill 100 players in Wintergrasp while using a vehicle or cannon. You will need to be in the vehicle to get the kill. This means you can be a passenger, and get credit.

Leaning TowerLeaning Tower: Destroy a tower in Wintergrasp.

Archavon the Stone WatcherArchavon the Stone Watcher: Defeat Archavon the Stone Watcher on Normal Difficulty. Requires you to complete vault 10man. For a guide on how to complete VoA click here.

Heroic: Archavon the Stone WatcherHeroic: Archavon the Stone Watcher: Defeat Archavon the Stone Watcher on Heroic Difficulty. In other words complete 25man vault. For a guide on how to complete VoA click here.

Within Our GraspWithin Our Grasp: Attack Wintergrasp and succeed in 10 minutes or less.

Wintergrasp VictoryWintergrasp Victory: Win a Wintergrasp.

Wintergrasp VeteranWintergrasp Veteran: Win 100 Wintergrasps.

Wintergrasp RangerWintergrasp Ranger: Kill 10 players in each of the areas of Wintergrasp listed below. Click here to see a map of all of these areas.

Destruction DerbyDestruction Derby: Destroy each of the 4 vehicles you can control in Wintergrasp.

Didn't Stand a ChanceDidn't Stand a Chance: Kill 20 mounted players using a tower cannon. This will take awhile, you MUST get the killing blow. Usually all of your kills will come from afk players.

Industrial WarfareIndustrial Warfare: Destroy 20 siege workshops in Wintergrasp.

Black War MammothBlack War Mammoth: Obtain a Black War Mammoth. Costs 300 tokens at the Wintergrasp Quarter Master. Wintergrasp must be under your control to buy it.

Emalon the Storm WatcherEmalon the Storm Watcher: Defeat Emalon the Storm Watcher on Normal Difficulty.

Vault of Archavon 10man Guide

Heroic: Emalon the Storm WatcherHeroic: Emalon the Storm Watcher: Defeat Emalon the Storm Watcher.

Vault of Archavon 25man Guide

Master of WintergraspMaster of Wintergrasp: Complete the Wintergrasp achievements listed below. Requires you to complete every achievement in this tab aside from the Storm Watcher achievements.





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