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Vault of Archavon

           Vault of Archavon is a 10/25man instance located in Wintergrasp Keep. Players are only allowed to enter this instance when Wintergrasp Keep is controlled by their faction. Vault of Archavon, more commonly abbreviated VoA or Vault is the only instance that can drop both PvE and PvP gear. So, usually players from both the PvE and PvP sides of the game wish to run this instance.

Archavon the Stone Watcher

           The easiest boss to kill in Vault of Archavon is Archavon the Stone Watcher. He is a very simplistic, basic DPS race. This fight requires two tanks, incase the main tank gets grabbed the offtank can pick it up. Two more note-able abilities that he does is randomly jumping towards a player in the raid and putting a smoke cloud on the ground. If you stand in this smoke cloud, you will suffer damage. So, obviously don't stand in it.

           Archavon will also summon a spike wall to come down on top of players. This will follow the player around and damage them. If the player chooses to move, while being followed by the spike wall, they will damage anyone else that it hits.

Additonal Note: Archavon has a enrage timer of 5 minutes.

He can drop four of the following: Hands, Leg and Chest armor (T7) or Deadly Gladiator Arena gear.

In addition he can drop Reins of the Black War Mammoth.

Emalon the Storm Watcher

           Emalon is the second boss in Vault of Archavon. He was added to VoA at the start of the 6th Arena season. Emalon comes with 4 Tempest Minion Adds. You will want your main tank to be on Emalon and your off tank to pick up all 4 of the adds. Don't DPS at first until you see that the offtank has all 4 adds and the main tank has the boss, otherwise you will over complicate things and fuck up the tanks.

           During the fight Emalon will use Chain Lightning on players and Lightning Nova. Chain Lightning doesn't do much damage, however Lightning Nova should be avoided at all costs. Lightning Nova does more damage the closer you are to Emalon. If you are right on top of him, unless you are a tank chances are you will be killed. So, when he starts casting Lightning Nova RUN AWAY.

           Also, during the encounter Emalon will choose one of the four Tempest Minions to Overcharge. Overcharging the Tempest Minion will increase its size and damage. All DPS must switch to this Minion before it reaches 10 stacks and explodes dealing 30k damage to the raid. After the Tempest Minion is killed Emalon will summon another one. The offtank must be paying attention and quickly pick it up.

Video of The Emalon Fight (Off tank)

He can drop four of the following items: Hand, Leg or Chest armor (T8) or Furious Gladiator Arena Gear

In addition he can drop Reins of the Black War Mammoth..

Koralon the Flame Watcher

           Koralon is the 3rd boss in VoA and was added at the start of S7. Koralon minorly shares a similar strategy to Thane Korth'azz. When engaged Koralon will begin casting his Burning Fury ability which will increase his damage by 5% every 20 seconds. This ability is his "soft" enrage timer. If you take too long to kill him eventually the damage will be too much to handle. In addition, since all of Koralon's damage is fire, it's important to use a Fire Resistance Totem or Aura.

           You need both the Main tank and offtank to stack on top of each other while tanking Koralon. His main ability is Meteor Fists, which will attack the target right in front of him and also split damage with all other targets in a small area. Having the offtank on top of the main tank will cause the main tank to take significantly less damage.

           Koralon will also use a Flaming Cinder ability. He will randomly target someone in the raid and use this ability. It will deal 3-6k damage and leave a burning spot on the ground which you will need to quickly move out of.

He Can drop four of the following items: Hand, Leg or Chest armor (T9) or Arena Season 7 Gear.

In addition he can drop Reins of the Black War Mammoth.





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