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Dark Cloud Walkthrough

This is the index page for all of my Dark Cloud Walkthroughs. The walkthroughs on this website may be a bit different than the walkthroughs you're used to. Instead of making a walkthrough for the entire game, most of the time which I have found is completely unnecessary I decided to only make walkthroughs for parts I got stuck on or for some of the most popular key terms that show up in Google searches. This means the few guides I do make are extremely specific and usually designed to get past a single part/task/puzzle that has you stuck.

If you are a beginner to Dark Cloud and really just want to beat the game/become the best as fast as humanly possible I highly recommend you check out the General Tips & Tricks guide. On that page I will share a few methods that pretty much can cheese the entire game. Since these guides are designed primarily for Google searches they're very Ctrl + F friendly, if google brought you here you will most likely be able to Ctrl F whatever guide you need then, of course, click on it to get started!


Dark Cloud General Tips & Tricks

Dark Cloud "Steve" Easter Eggs

Dark Cloud Weapon Customization Guide

Dark Cloud Gameshark Codes

Dark Cloud Codebreaker Codes


Norune Village/Divine Beast Cave:

Dark Cloud First Dungeon Floor 9 (Also how to acquire Xiao)

Dark Cloud First Dungeon Back floor

Dark Cloud Norune Village Town Requests/Layout

Dark Cloud - Divine Beast Cave Boss Battle


Matataki Village/Wise Owl Forest:

Dark Cloud Wise Owl Forest Territory 9 (Also how to acquire Goro)

Dark Cloud Wise Owl Forest Back floor

Dark Cloud Matataki Village Town Requests/Layout

Dark Cloud Second Dungeon How to progress floors

Dark Cloud - Wise Owl Forest Boss Battle



Dark Cloud Shipwreck Floor 9 (Also how to acquire Ruby)

Dark Cloud Shipwreck Back floor

Dark Cloud How to: Ruby's Doors

Dark Cloud Queens Town Requests/Layout

Dark Cloud - Shipwreck Music Box + Boss


Muscka Lacka/Sun & Moon Temple:

Dark Cloud Muscka Lacka Floor 9 (Also how to acquire Ungaga)

Dark Cloud Sun & Moon Temple Back floor

Dark Cloud Muscka Lacka Village Requests/Layout

Dark Cloud - Sun & Moon Temple Boss Fight


Moon Factory/Moon Sea:

Dark Cloud Moon Sea Back floor

Dark Cloud Moon Factory 100%

Dark Cloud - Moon Sea Boss Fight


Gallery of Time:

Dark Cloud Gallery of Time Back Floor

Dark Cloud Gallery of Time Boss Fight


Demon Shaft:

Dark Cloud Demon Shaft General Guide

Dark Cloud White Fang

Dark Cloud Demon Shaft Boss Strategy








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