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Fishing Mini Game - Dark Cloud Guides

Dark Cloud has a Fishing Mini Game which is completely optional for you to participate in. You can start fishing after you obtain the Fishing Rod from Alnet in Norune Village. Once you 100% complete Alnet's House she'll reward the Fishing Rod to you during the Event that takes place inside her house. In order to start fishing you'll want to visit one of the various places where there is a Fishing Sign (pictured above) and interact with it.

To fish in Dark Cloud you will want to attach bait to your rod and cast it into the water. Jiggling the bait in the water will typically attract the nearby fish (pay attention to the water and you can see the fish) and then you'll have to wait until they bite the line and submerge the bobber. Wait to hit the X button until the bobber is submerged, if you hit X too soon then you won't hook the fish and thus you won't catch them.

Every fishing location has a total of 4 fish that you can catch and some fish are only interested in certain bait. For the most part, Minion, Petite Fish and Prickly are bait that the majority of fish are interested in and will bite at. You can buy Prickly bait from the Wise Owl Shop in Matataki Forest. For more information about the various types of bait and what fish they can catch check out my Fishing Bait Guide.

Something else to keep in mind is that not every fish appears in every lake and that the time of day also affects what types of fish you can catch. Some fish prefer daylight and some prefer it when it's dark out. If you're trying to catch a specific fish like the Mardan Garayan the location, time of day and bait all play a role.

Below are the 4 different locations that you are able to fish at in Dark Cloud:

Fishing Locations:

Norune Village: Pond
Matataki Village: Peanut Pond
Queens: Dock by the sea
Muska Lacka: Oasis

The main reward for fishing in Dark Cloud is Fishing Points which you can exchange for some items at the various Fishing Signs at each fishing location. In my opinion there is really only one reward worth getting with Fishing Points and that is Gems. The only other reward worth mentioning is Mighty Healing which gives you the most gold per Fishing Points; if you'd like to convert Fishing Points to gold that is your go-to method.

Aside from Fishing Points the only other reward that I know of when it comes to fishing is when you catch a Mardan Garayan fish. Catching this fish unlocks the Mardan Eins weapon for you to purchase with Fishing Points and it also unlocks a "trap finder" so to speak that works on the large Treasure Chests that have traps in dungeons. Essentially the Mardan Garayan fish will tell you which trap to pick to properly disarm each of the trapped chests.


Antidote Drink: 5 FP

Soap: 5 FP

Holy Water: 5 FP

Mighty Healing: 15 FP

All Attachments: 50 FP

All Gems: 100 FP

Tsukikage: 1100 FP

Matador: 1400 FP

Magical Hammer: 1800 FP

Fairy's Ring: 1300 FP

Scorpion: 1400 FP

Blessing Gun: 1500 FP

Mardan Eins: 2500 FP



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