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God of War Walkthrough Chapter 3

Pandoras Temple Walkthrough

When you regain control of Kratos it will be on a small platform on the back of the giant beast you just climbed ontop of. Run across the bridge and you'll get the intro cinematic for Pandora's Temple. Take this opportunity to refill your Health/Magic if needed as well - we'll have a tough fight coming up and you'll want to be prepared for it.

To proceed with the main story you'll want to go to the left, there will be a path you can follow around the mountain to a pair of blocks (pictured above). You'll need to grab the rod on this block and pull it all the way out so that you can climb ontop of it. At the top of this area you'll have a cutscene involving the gate guardian of Pandora's Temple. He'll summon a few Harpies which will open the gate for you and allow you to enter.

Now, when you return to the gate you will summon large Ogre enemies that you'll have to fight. This is a pretty tough fight, my advice is take your time and don't push your luck trying to get long combos. Once you've beaten them head up the long staircase and make sure to grab the Phoenix Feather and Gorgon Eye inside the chests up here.

Once you've picked up both of these items spin the lever to open the door and enter. The door will close behind you and a group of enemies will spawn.

Door to Pandoras Temple

Inside the first room of Pandora's Temple you'll want to defeat the enemies then interact with the door using R2. There will be a sparkling light on the door but there is no prompt telling you to use R2 so it may be a bit confusing for you... I admit to running around for about 10minutes trying to figure out how to open the door...

On the other side of this door you'll find a very long circular hallway. Follow the hallway down until you find an opening on the right that leads you to another hallway filled with traps. Dodge all of the traps and continue down this hall to the very end where you'll find a few enemies and a lever - pull the lever.

Pulling this lever will lower a platform back in the long circular hallway and also turn off all of the traps. You'll want to return to the circular hallway where the lever was lowered and use that next (pictured below).

Ring of Pandora Lever Crank

Let me explain how this dungeon works before I say anything else. This lever will essentially turn the entire circular room that we're inside of and what you need to do is look outside of the opening next to you and wait until it lines up with another door way. When it lines up with another door you'll need to stop turning the lever and check it out to make sure it's the right room.

There are multiple rooms that you can stop at using this lever, the one we're looking for currently has a large fiery barrier in the distance - a screenshot of what I am talking about is shown below. Here is where you will get a weapon upgrade for Kratos called the Blade of Artemis. This is an extremely powerful weapon but only when used against the right type of enemies.

Blade of Artemis has very little range but is extremely powerful and will destroy most enemies that move slowly. Enemies like Medusas and Sirens move too quickly to reliably use this weapon against in my opinion so you should stick with your normal weapon for enemies like that.

Blade of Artemis PowerupKratos Blade of Artemis

Continue down the hall after you get the Blade of Artemis and you'll find yourself in a room with a lot of Undead Legionnaire enemies. These enemies are the perfect enemies to use Blade of Artemis on; once they're all defeated you'll have to fight some Medusa enemies which are too quick for such a slow weapon.

Once you've eliminated all of the enemies explore a bit - there is a room to the right which has a locked door and a stone button. When you inspect the locked door it will tell you that there are two shields missing from it; our next task is going to be collecting both of them.

As for the stone button... When you press it you'll notice that it operates the other 'door' in this room, essentially it spins the wall in the middle of the room. In the hallway next to this room you may have noticed a crate of rocks that you can push around, bring that over from the adjacent room into this one.

What you need to do is position yourself close to the 'door' in the middle of the room and put the crate of rocks between you and the button. Kick the crate of rocks onto the button and at the same time you'll want to run inside of the 'door' in the middle of the room. By the time the crate of rocks lands ontop of the button you'll likely have made it to the door in time.

If my description of this puzzle is too hard for you to follow I recommend you check out my Challenge of Atlas Stone Button Puzzle Solution Youtube Video. That video will show me solving the puzzle while I explain exactly what I did.

Shield of Zeus Puzzle

Now that we've made it onto the other side of this wall you'll want to follow the linear path directly to the first shield on our list, the Shield of Zeus. There are a few chests filled with Red Orbs that you can collect in this area too by walking across the beams on the ceiling.

When you're done with the first shield return to the room where we did battle with the Undead and Medusa enemies and climb the half-broken stairs to the 2nd floor. Here you will find some more enemies, another one of those cat-walk areas and a lever that you can pull.

To the right of that lever and down the hall you'll find a Gorgon Eye inside of a chest; make sure you collect this item as well as pull the lever. Pulling the lever will lower a rope which you can use to go down into the pit below. Once you're in the pit you'll have to use the other rope to climb across the chasm and fight enemies while you do it.

Tip: During the rope climbing 'Minigame' you should try to defeat all enemies by using the Triangle button (Heavy Attack), this way you'll get Red Orbs. From my experience this is the only attack that will give you Red Orbs while climbing on a rope.

Shield of Hades
Shield of Hades sitting on altar

After you climb across the pit using the rope you'll stumble across a glowing shield sitting on an altar (pictured above). Press R2 while standing next to the shield and you will be able to pick it up - this is the Shield of Hades. Now that we have both shields we can return to the room above us and place both into the door that is locked.

Follow the newly opened path and you'll find yourself in a room with saw blades cutting across the floor. Take the exit on the right hand side of this room and you'll find yourself in another room with a conveyor belt and traps. You can make the enemies you fight in this area much easier by leading them into the nearby traps - otherwise our goal is to make it to the end of this hallway while dodging all of the traps.

In the room immediately following the conveyor belts (pictured below) you'll be able to get another Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather. Where you see me standing in the screenshot below you'll notice that there is a platform I can jump to at the top of the screen. Jump here and you'll find 2 chests with these items inside.

Platform to Jump Across To
Jump across the gap to the top of the screen for a Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather

Continue to the right and you'll come across an area where you have to do some climbing, it's all fairly linear though. When you reach the end of the climbing part and you see the lever make sure you climb straight down first before getting on the platform with the lever. This will lead you straight to another Gorgon Eye. You'll see the chest with this Gorgon Eye inside of it when you hit the lever and watch the short cutscene.

After pulling the lever go into the room next to it, fight the enemies inside and then grab the Handle of Atlas from the podium. If you don't defeat these enemies fast enough the floor will break and you'll fail - I recommend you use your available Magic or God Mode to quickly eliminate all of the enemies. We've got the item we came for, now we can return to the room with all of the saw blades in the floor from earlier.

Room With Sawblades

For the puzzle involving the saw blades, what you need to do is hit both of the levers in this room very quickly and then exit through the open door. Each of the 2 levers will unlock a portion of this door, one will remove the vertical bars and the other removes the horizontal bars. This is why you need to hit both of them.

My biggest advice to you is to use the dodge roll frequently and hope you don't get hit by the blades when you do they don't hurt too much but they will slow you down a bit. You can roll back and forth between both of the levers and then roll out the door once it's open; roll has a faster movement speed than regular walking so this is what you should focus on.

In the next room you'll want to attach the Handle of Atlas to a crank and turn it to raise the statue of Atlas. Head behind the statue and grab the Muse Key once you've raised it. Go up the stairs via the hallway to the right of the statue and grab the Phoenix Feather and Gorgon Eye which are inside of chests up here. While up here you should also pull the lever to open up a new path forward.

The statue will drop the ball it's holding which will bounce through the area and destroy the door that was previously blocking our path. At the end of that path you'll find a golden coffin which you'll need to use R2 to interact with and pull the lid off.

Coffin With Architect Sons Head

Inside the coffin you'll find the Head of the Architect's Son which is the next puzzle item we needed. The next few paths we follow are linear and have a few story elements - eventually you'll find yourself back in a familiar room that we visited earlier. Return to the Rings of Pandora and you'll be stopped by some enemies, letting you know that we're heading in the right direction.

You may remember the locked door in the Rings of Pandora from earlier with a giant skull on it and a round hole (pictured below). To open this door you'll want to use the Head of the Architect's Son that we just picked up - just press R2 while facing the door and the rest will happen automatically.

Skull Locked Door Ring of PandoraRolling Cylinder of Death

The next room that you find yourself in will have a rolling cylinder of death (pictured above) which you'll have to jump ontop of and ride to reach a ladder. In order to get ontop of it you'll have to follow it around a bit first until you find a staircase that you can climb. At the top of the staircase you'll have the height needed to get ontop of the cylinder.

When you jump onto the ladder from the cylinder you'll get a short scene, after which you'll want to climb up the ladder and grab the available chests before saving your game. One of the chests up here has a Gorgon Eye inside of it which should be enough to get you another health upgrade! When you are ready to continue to the next event, which is a boss fight of sorts, proceed through the nearby door.

In this next area you'll be introduced to a new enemy, Cerberus. The only thing I feel worth mentioning about this fight is that you should focus on the smaller puppies first since they'll evolve into a bigger one if you leave them alive for too long. All in all though this fight shouldn't be too difficult for you. Use some Magic if you need to, I recommend Poseidon's Rage.

The next few areas you visit after this fight are all extremely linear, just follow the road and fight enemies. Eventually the path you're on will lead you straight to a small circular room with a lever in the center of it. When you pull this lever it'll spin the room you're in around and reveal various chests with Red Orbs inside of them (pictured below).

Trapped Red Orb ChestsKratos Climbing on Cliff Face

You'll need to be really quick if you plan to grab these Red Orb chests; I recommend you follow the gate around and when it's lowered immediately run in and grab the chest. Once you've grabbed the chest use the dodge roll analog stick to roll backwards away from it. Rinse and repeat this process for every chest filled with Red Orbs in this area.

The spinning room will spit you out onto another ledge that you have to climb up (pictured above). You'll want to climb up as far as you can go first then shimmy to the right which is where you'll find a Muse Key, one of the items that we need. Once you've obtained the Muse Key you'll want to shimmy across the same ledge but this time all the way to the left.

When you follow the linear path you'll eventually find yourself in a large room with a broken lever. There will also be an upward slope which leads you into a room with a Handle (which we need to operate the lever) as well as a puzzle which we'll be solving in a few moments.

Kratos Next to broken lever

In order to solve this puzzle you'll need to grab the Handle in the room up the slope and use it on the broken lever. This will lower one of the cages with a Spartan warrior inside of it, you'll have to take this cage and push it up the slope. As you're pushing it up the slope enemies will spawn and attack you - to prevent the cage from sliding down you should place it in front of the debris along the path.

To solve this puzzle what you need to do is push the cage up the entire slope and into the room where we found the handle. Place the cage ontop of the stone button in this room and then pull the lever to sacrifice the Spartan Warrior and to claim the next prize, Poseidon's Trident.

Once you've obtained this trident you'll want to dive into the water on either side of the room and collect the chests by climbing the ladders. The chest on the left side of the room will have a Phoenix Feather, the other one is health. After you've gotten both you'll want to dive down the pit on the right side of the room which will lead us to an underwater area.

For the first underwater portion we'll get a quick tutorial about using the R1 button to dash; this is very important because you'll move significantly faster when you dash and it also destroys broken walls. You'll need to do both of these things in the upcoming underwater area. For now follow the linear path and hit the lever after defeating all of the Cerberus enemies. This will create a new path for you back in the room where you got Poseidon's Trident.

Return to the room where you got Poseidon's Trident and defeat the enemies that are here now before you continue to the next underwater area.

Combat Tip: Use Medusa's Gaze on the Cerberus enemies for a quick victory.

Underwater Nyad
The path splits at this Nyad; left takes you to Red Orb chests and right to continue the dungeon

There are a few hidden areas in the underwater portion of this dungeon so I strongly recommend you pay close attention to your surroundings and explore everything. You'll encounter a few Nyads throughout this area (pictured above) which you can kiss by pressing the Circle button.

Most of the time kissing a Nyad will reveal a new path that you can follow for some good stuff (like chests with Red Orbs) or they'll directly give you a reward, like a Phoenix Feather. The Nyad shown in the picture above is the 2nd one that you'll come across and she is hidden behind a wall that you must break through by using R1. Kissing her will reward you with a Phoenix Feather.

At this Nyad the path also splits, one path goes right and the other to the left. You'll want to go to the left first since this will lead you to a small room with a few Undead for you to defeat and a breakable wall for you to smash down. Inside the small area behind the breakable wall you'll find a couple dozen urns that you can destroy as well as a chest full of Red Orbs.

When you go right at the Nyad you'll find yourself in a large circular room with a massive trap.

Underwater Trap

To safely navigate the room with the trap you'll have to use R1 and dash through the entire area. If you try to swim through normally you'll end up dead, the only way to make it across this area is with the underwater dash ability. After the room with the trap you'll be able to surface in a room with some enemies and a lever in the center.

Defeat all of the enemies and you'll be able to pull the lever and open a door nearby where we first entered this underwater area. We'll have to back track through this entire area to return to that door. After you go through the newly opened door you'll swim down a hallway and come across a Save Point.

Left of the Save Point you'll find a wall that you can smash through with the R1 dash. Kiss the Nyad and then swim up above her through the hole in the ceiling to find a room with 4 chests containing Red Orbs. Return to the Save Point and this time go right, you'll find a Statue of Poseidon and a large hole in the ground leading down. To the right of the Statue of Poseidon you'll find another breakable wall with a Nyad you can kiss; you'll be rewarded with a Phoenix Feather for smooching her.

Underwater Wall Puzzle

Upon going down the hole in front of the Poseidon statue you'll find a moving wall puzzle. What you need to do is swim to the left of the screen and dip down into the various holes you come across. You will need to dash using R1 in order to make it from hole to hole during this puzzle. At the end of the path you'll find a hole that goes down into another cavern - swim down this hole to proceed.

You will surface inside of a room with two Minotaur enemies and a lever, beat them up and pull the lever to raise some platforms in the room. Climb the platforms to cross the water and you'll find two chests with Red Orbs inside of them. Return to the lever and pull it a second time, this time you'll need to dive down underwater and swim into a room underneath the highest platform (the one closest to the Athena statue).

Once the platforms lower themselves again, follow the linear path back to the Rings of Pandora. The first thing you will want to do in the Rings of Pandora is to use the lever (pictured below) to rotate the ring until you come across the hallway shown in my screenshots below.

Rotate Ring of Pandora LeverMuse Key Door Ring of Pandora

Zeus Gift of Experience

This hallway leads you to a door where you'll use both of the Muse Keys that you've collected thus far. Inside of the room you'll find two chests with Red Orbs along with other permanent upgrades. Stand on the platforms and press R2 to claim your Experience, Health and Magic upgrades from Zeus.

Spend the experience on whatever you wish to upgrade then return to the Rings of Pandora when you're ready to continue with the game.



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