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God of War Walkthrough Chapter 2

Rooftops of Athens Walkthrough

The next map for us to clear is called the Rooftops of Athens and you'll start out by climbing some vines to reach the rooftops. While climbing these vines you'll also get a new tutorial of how to jump across a gap from one climbable surface to another. Much like I always say, pay attention to this because it's something we'll be doing in the future.

At the top of the vines you'll find a large room with a new enemy type inside of it - Wraiths! Defeat all of the enemies on the first floor of this building and then grab the chest to the right of the red aura blocking your way - it contains a Gorgon Eye. Continue up to the 2nd floor where you'll have to defeat more enemies, eliminating all of them gets rid of the red aura blocking your route on the door way below.

For this next part you will be climbing across vines that are attached to some pillars. It's all pretty linear, but you'll have to jump to a nearby ledge and smash down a door then defeat the attacking enemies. Once that's done you can safely jump from one pillar to the next and continue on to the next area of this map.

Climbing Vines on Pillars
Climbing across vines attached to the pillar

The next part of this level is going to be another puzzle, this one can be a bit complicated to solve too. Before that puzzle though, the path will split - one route will go through a room and up a ladder and the other across a broken bridge. The ladder will take you to the rooftop area which is the final part of this level - before you can complete that part of the level you'll need to solve this puzzle.

Instead of going up the ladder that leads you to the rooftops you'll want to go across the broken bridge which is where you'll find a movable crossbow (pictured below). This crossbow needs to be pushed down the nearby hallway and into the room with 5 different doors.

You may notice that the only door in this room you can't open is made of wood. If you still remember from the previous level too we used the crossbow to destroy the wooden doors that we encountered - we're going to do the same thing here. The only issue with destroying this wooden door with the crossbow is that the crossbow is facing the wrong direction.

Movable Crossbow in AthensCrossbow Ontop of Circle

In order to turn the crossbow and make it face the door you'll need to move the crossbow ontop of the circle on the left side of the room. Once it's sitting ontop of the circle you'll want to pull the lever inside of this room and it will rotate the crossbow. What you'll want to do now is remove the crossbow from the lever and then turn it again to reset it back to its normal position. Put the crossbow back onto the lever a second time and then hit it again.

The reason you have to remove the crossbow, hit the lever and put the crossbow back on is because the circle only turns 2 directions. It turns clockwise and then counter clockwise. What this means is if you leave the crossbow on the circle and keep hitting the lever it'll just turn back and forth between two directions and you will accomplish nothing.

For those of you that need to see a video for this sort of thing and don't do well with text, check out my How to turn Crossbow to hit wooden door (Rooftops of Athens) Youtube Video. Once you blast through this door you'll be able to grab the Zeus' Fury Magic which allows you to throw Lightning Bolts at enemies. This magic is the only way you'll be able to defeat the annoying Undead Archers that you see in the distance but can't hit.

Undead Archers on Rooftop

Outside of the room where you got the Zeus' Fury you'll find a group of Undead Archers that you can use it on. Stand on the broken bridge and shoot them down from the rooftops to clear the red aura in a nearby door, you'll get a cinematic showing you which door. Enter that room and you'll be able to collect a Gorgon Eye as well as a Phoenix Feather!

Now that we've gotten all of that out of the way it's time to head up the ladder and to the rooftops portion of this level. On the platform next to where you enter the rooftops you'll be able to go towards the screen to find yourself in a new area. You'll have to swing across some ropes before you find yourself in an area where a load of chests - the only issue is there is a lot of Undead Archers shooting at you from a distance.

Bust out Zeus' Fury and eliminate all of them then you can safely open all of the chests in this area. A screenshot of the area I am talking about is shown below.

Chests Guarded By Undead Archers
Chests guarded by Undead Archers on the rooftops

Man Holding Lever Rooftop of Athens
Man holding the lever preventing you from crossing

Other than this area the rooftops are pretty linear, at the end of the level you will find a man who is currently holding a lever that's preventing Kratos from crossing (pictured above). Previously you were unable to hit this guy from a distance but now that you have Zeus' Fury you can target him with L2 and hit him with a bolt of lightning.

Search the chests in the area to collect another Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather; once you've got them follow the linear path and defeat more enemies to reach the next area. These next few parts are all linear story telling so I will let you handle all of that on your own.

The next area worth commenting on is the outside part of the Temple of the Oracle. On either side of the doorway leading in you'll find another Gorgon Eye and a Phoenix Feather. You can see both of these chests in my screenshot below.

Temple of the Oracle Entrance

Hidden Chest: To the left of where I am standing in the screenshot above there is another chest hidden on a ledge that you must double jump to. It's tucked away in the top left corner of that area; you can just barely see the chest while running around in that area on the ground. You'll find a bunch of Red Orbs inside of this chest.

When you are ready to continue with the story you'll want to go inside of the temple and into a large room that Harpies keep flooding into. To stop the Harpy invasion you'll need to go to the front of the room and grab one of the two statues shown in my screenshot below. Push these statues off the ledge and over to the nearby hole that Harpies keep spawning from.

There are two statues and two holes, the statue on the right needs to block the hole on the right and the statue on the left needs to block the hole on the left. Pay attention to the shields on the statues and the direction they face to know which is which. Once you block off both of them all that's left is to defeat the remaining enemies in the room.

Statues to block Harpy Holes
Use the 2 statues in the Temple of the Oracle to block the holes the Harpies spawn from

Walking Across Beams
Walking across the beams in the Temple of the Oracle

Collect chests to restore your health and/or magic then go upstairs to the beam puzzle. A lot of the beams will collapse when you walk close enough to them - pay attention to beams that start shaking and do not step on those. Your objective is to get to the other side of this area by traversing across the beams that don't break.

Once you make it across the beams it will be a linear path to follow to reach the next area. Upon arriving in the courtyard you'll get a cutscene, after which you'll regain control of Kratos in the same area you see me standing in the screenshot below.

Temple of the Oracle Statues
Kratos standing near the two statues that you can move

This is another puzzle that we'll have to solve before we're able to proceed. What you'll want to do first is to grab one of the two statues that are on either end of the entrance (pictured above) and push it down into the grassy area. Jump down with the statue and keep pushing it until it's in the same location as you see in my screenshot below.

With the statue in this location you will be able to jump ontop of it and use it to get across the small gap and reach the chests on the other side. Once you've acquired these chests you'll want to push the statue back to where you originally pushed it down at. If you used the elevator to bring the statue down instead then you may be confused to what I mean so I will explain below.

If you ride the elevator back up, the area to your right will have a glowing spot at the end of the ledge. If you press R2 at this location you'll get a bird's eye view of the lady hanging on the rope. You'll want to put one statue under this location and then push the second statue off the ledge ontop of the first one. This will stack them ontop of each other and allow you to use it to reach an even higher ledge.

First Statue Position
Push one statue to this location so that you can reach the 2 chests of Red Orbs

Stacking Both Statues

For those of you who may be confused with my directions, I recommend you check out my How to Save Oracle Hanging From Rope Youtube Video which will show you what I mean as well as explain it to you while I am doing it. Once you've got both of the pillars stacked ontop of each other all that's left is to push them to the correct location and then jump ontop of them.

Caution: When you use the statues to jump across the gap and grab onto the vines a timer will begin. At this point in time you'll have 65 seconds to safely navigate the area and save the Oracle.

When you save the Oracle you'll get a cutscene after which she'll open a previously locked door for you that lets you climb up the large statue in this area. At the top of this statue the path will split, you can climb a nearby mountain to your left or go to your right across a blade and into another large statue. You should go up the nearby mountain first since it's a dead end and you'll find a Phoenix Feather in that area.

To continue with the story head down into the next statue, at the bottom you'll find another Phoenix Feather. Once you've looted this jump over the small ledge and you will find yourself in The Sewers of Athens.

The Sewers of Athens

The Sewers of Athens are an extremely linear dungeon which involves going from area to area and defeating enemies that spawn. I don't see any reason to give you a guide for this part because there's nothing to explain aside from attack enemies and beat them. Following the linear path will eventually spit you back out in Athens in the same area as where you first saw Ares earlier in the game.

Combat Tip: Normal Attack, Normal Attack, Heavy Attack is a combo you'll want to keep using on Minotaurs to knock them down. Sometimes they will block the knockdown but most of the time it will work on them. Knocking down all enemies in this game will make the fight significantly easier.

If you remember from earlier, the path that leads right past the Save Game point will take you to a giant door where we collected a Gorgon Eye earlier. Now that giant door is open and we can pass through it to continue to the next part of the game, the Desert of Lost Souls.

You can also collect yet another Gorgon Eye from the other side of the gate! After you you go through the gate immediately go to the right and you'll find a chest tucked away in the corner with the Gorgon Eye.

Giant Door Leading to the Desert

Siren In the Desert

Desert of Lost Souls is another map that is pretty straight forward. What you're tasked with here is locating and hunting down 3 Siren enemies; you'll find them by listening closely to the sound of the game and running towards "the song" when you hear it. If you're not good at pinpointing the direction of sound in a video game then this part of the game can be quite annoying for you - luckily the desert isn't very big.

Each time you defeat a Siren their "soul" will be added to a locked door in the area, upon defeating all 3 the door will open. The first Siren will be pretty easy to defeat but the next 2 you'll have to fight at the same time as 2 Minotaurs. You can't focus the Minotaurs down first either because they will instantly respawn - instead you have to defeat the Siren while the Minotaurs are both alive... Then you can defeat the Minotaurs once the Siren is dead.

Tip: If you approach the first Siren and just follow her instead of attacking her then she'll lead you to most (if not all) of the chests with Red Orbs in them throughout this desert.

Once all 3 Sirens are defeated and the door is open head inside and prepare yourself for the next puzzle!

Pushing Stone on Conveyor Belt

This next puzzle involves pushing a large stone down a conveyor belt that is constantly moving. Every time you advance the stone past one of the torches you'll spawn more enemies and you'll have to defeat the enemies without allowing the rock to be pushed all the way back to the spikes or yourself. Thankfully each pack of enemies only spawns once but this part can still be tedious if you're not super good at the game.

Just like when we pushed the box at the start of the game you'll want to use R2 and X to kick the stone down the conveyor belt. You'll cover significantly more distance with less time spent this way. Once you push the rock all the way to the start of the conveyor belt you will want to jump ontop of it then double jump up to the ledge above the belt.

Follow the linear path to a horn and blow it for a short scene; follow the path that it creates in the sand and it'll lead you to another horn. This time though when you go to blow the horn a pack of Sirens will arrive and attack you; defeat them and then blow the horn again to enter Pandora's Temple.

Siren Boss Fight



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