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Animal Crossing Walkthroughs and Guides

This page here is dedicated to Animal Crossing, one of the Nintendo Gamecube's exclusive titles. Animal Crossing is a social simulator type game, very similar to Harvest Moon and the Sims. Unlike those two games though, Animal Crossing runs in real time. It uses the Gamecube clock and 1 minute in game is 1 minute in real life.

Essentially there is no true story line to the game or clear main objective outside of upgrading your house and paying off your debt to Nook. What you want to do is open to your interpertation at all times!

Animal Crossing Title Screen

Putting aside the open endedness of Animal Crossing - there are some very clear things that you could use guides for. The first and arguably most important guides I have for the game are my Password Guides. These not only list every password that I could find they also show you the piece of Furniture you'll be getting with the password - something no other guides do!

Ontop of that every single password has been tested by me and guaranteed to work. Aside from the Password guides there's only two additional guides I could think to write, an Event Calender type guide, talking about all the different holidays and when/how to get the unique Furniture from them.

And finally my last guide is showing off the few different shirt designs you see me with in my screen shots for the game. I designed some pretty cool shirts and I took pictures so anyone can copy them!

Animal Crossing Passwords

Animal Crossing Event Calendar

Featured Animal Crossing Shirt Designs


Animal Crossing US Action Replay Codes

Animal Crossing UK Action Replay Codes
































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