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Cham Locations 21 - 30

This page covers the locations of Chams 21 - 30 which are the last 9 that you need to collect. The first Cham on this page is found in Esperanza and the final Cham of the game (and on this page) is found in Soltis which is the final dungeon.

As aforementioned in the main portion of this guide, I have broken each of the Cham locations up to reduce the amount of pictures your browser has to load. If you'd like to return to my Cham Locations Index Page then follow the link provided. A link to the next 10 Cham Locations is at the bottom of this page.


Esperanza - 21st Cham

Esperanza Ladder that leads to Basement with ChamEsperanza Cham in Basement Place to stand

When you first enter Esperanza there is a ladder leading down into a basement like area. Take the ladder down and in the first room you come across you'll find the Cham. If you need help finding this location take a look at my screen shots for assistance.


Yafutoma - 22nd Cham

Yafutoma Cham place to stand

This Cham is found nearby the waterfall area in city section of Yafutoma. If it's your first time here you immediately go to the King's house; the Cham is down an elevator from here and in the city area below. Take a look at my screen shot if you need some more help finding it.


Mount Kazai - 23rd Cham

Mount Kazai Cham Location

You can find this Cham towards the end of the Mount Kazai dungeon. After you hit enough switches and raise the water level in the main room high enough so that you can put on your underwater suit and jump into the pool - you'll find yourself standing in the same area on the map I am in the screen shot above.

Immediately after surfacing to your right will be a rope (climb it to reach the Moonfish) further up the path you'll find the Cham.


Tenkou Island - 24th Cham

Tenkou Island Cham Location

You'll find this Cham while traveling up the long staircase of Tenkou Island. Use the minimap in my screen shot above for the exact location to stand. Over all this one is easy peasy.


Ruins of Ice (Glacia) - 25th Cham

Ruins of Ice Cham by entrance

There's two Chams to find in Glacia (Ruins of Ice) and both are reached by taking the entrance to the Ruins of Ice in Mid Sky. The first Cham for you to find is just next to the entrance of Glacia from Mid Sky and is pretty darn hard to miss.


Ruins of Ice (Glacia) - 26th Cham

Glacia Second Cham Location

The second Cham for you to find in Glacia is towards the end of the dungeon nearby the Save Point just before the boss of this area, Veltarn. If you need any additional guidance for finding this location just use my screen shot above.


Ilchymis Island - 27th Cham

Ilchymis Island ChamIlchymis Island Map Location

You can get this Cham any time after upgrading the Delphinus to fly in Upper and Lower Sky. It's found on Ilchymis Island which is in the northern portion of the map in Upper Sky. It looks like a large floating castle which makes it quite difficult to miss. Inside the building you'll find the Cham nearby some machinery as well as a man named Ilchymis who will join your crew assuming you have learned the spell Riselem.


Hamachou Island - 28th Cham

Hamachou Island ChamHamachou Island Map Location

Much like the previous Cham on Ilchymis Island, you can find the Cham on Hamachou Island any time after you upgrade the Delphinus to fly in Upper and Lower Sky. All you need to do is travel on over to Hamachou Island which is a teeny weenie island floating over top of the Dark Rift.

Inside you'll find an old man dressed as a Hamachou who will tell you about your different ingame statistics (amount of times you've been knocked out, enemies defeated, treasures found, times you ran away) as well as the 28th Cham in the game.


Soltis - 29th Cham

Soltis Cham Location One

This Cham is found in the first part of Soltis you come across after arriving from Shrine Island. It's at the far end of the maze, in one of the smaller rooms high in elevation. You'll basically have to run by it while you're entering Soltis so it's not all that difficult to find. Just use my screen shot if you need extra guidance.


Soltis - 30th Cham

Soltis Second Cham Location

The next Cham is found in the area just after the first Cham. It's the first room that you come across that shares the same look as the Silver Shrine a bit earlier in the game. The Cham itself is found a little bit into the room right where it curves, before the teleporter.

If you take any teleporters in this room you've gone to far, the Cham is at the very start. Quite an easy one to find for it being the last one!











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