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Skies of Arcadia Cham Locations Guide

There's are a total of 30 Chams for you to collect in Skies of Arcadia as well as three Abirik Chams. You feed these Chams to Cupil which is the companion that Fina has with her (and whom she uses to damage her foes). Each time you feed Cupil a Cham he has a chance of growing stronger.

Abirik Chams are a bit different in the sense that if used correctly they will immediately evolve Cupil to his next form. An example is if you use an Abirik Cham when Cupil is a Club he'll immediately evolve into the Hammer. Using an Abirik Cham on him while he's a Lance will change him into a Pan.

There's a few more examples of this but too many for me to want to go into detail about it all. If you'd like to learn more about the proper feeding order for Cupil, there's other guides out there that go into great detail about this very thing. Cupil's final evolution requires you to feed him all 30 Chams as well as all 3 Abirik Chams and it doesn't matter the order you do it in for her 'Ultimate Weapon'.

In addition to Chams and Abirik Chams you also can find Choms in the game which make Cupil vomit up all previous Chams and Abirik Chams that he ate (apparently he doesn't digest his food... which makes no sense biologically).

You can find Choms outside the Maw of Tartarus (just run around looking for the Cham icon) or from the Nasrad Bazaar. If you'd like to experiment to get the best weapon for Fina prior to her ultimate weapon, using Choms is the best way to go.

Cham Icon

As aforementioned, there is an icon and a sound that lets you know when a Cham is nearby - it's shown in the small screen shot just above. This icon pops up in the upper left corner of your screen and you'll also hear a distinct sound that goes along with it to alert you that a Cham is near.

The guides on this page will not only tell you how to find each Cham but it'll also show you the exact location to stand for anyone whose still having some trouble figuring the quest out. To make the pages load better I have broken all 30 Cham locations up into three separate guides and given the Abirik Chams each their own guide.

You can find the guides for each Abirik Cham below.

Abirik Cham 1
- Comes from a ship just south of Horteka. Can obtain 1/4 through the game or so.

Abirik Cham 2
- Comes from a Merchant you escort early on that you meet again in Nasrad. About 1/2 through the game.

Abirik Cham 3
- Obtained from a long side quest that involves a lot of travel. About 3/4 through the game.

That's it for Abirik Chams! These Chams aren't like the ones that I talk about below - they're all the result of a side quest and not found with the traditional means. As you can see I have added a little tid bit of information below each Abirik Cham location too. This tells you roughly when you can expect to obtain this Cham during the normal course of the game.

Below I have links to each of my three Cham Locations Guide. If you need more information than what's provided on this page I recommend that you follow the link to the guide itself which contains screen shots as well as a much more detailed walkthrough for each Cham.

Chams 1 - 9
Cham 1: Pirate Isle just after Fina joins the party.
Cham 2: Shrine Island at the very bottom.
Cham 3: Sailor's Island at the very top of the lighthouse.
Cham 4: Maramba on the second floor of the Inn.
Cham 5: Temple of Pyrynn during the second boulder room you'll find this cham in an alcove to the left.
Cham 6: Horteka near Centime's ship area.
Cham 7: King's Hideout easy to find inside his building.
Cham 8: Moonstone Mountain follow the path down after the first intersection and you'll find this one.
Cham 9: Moonstone Mountain found in the large room with three traps marked with triangles.

Chams 10 - 20
Cham 10: Rixis near the statue just left of the entrance.
Cham 11: Rixis inside the building where you face Zivilyn Bane.
Cham 12: Gordo after beating Gordo you're rewarded a Cham.
Cham 13: Gordo's Bistro it's located in North Ocean; there's a Cham inside.
Cham 14: Nasrad Fina and Aika get this Cham after working in the Nasrad Cafe.
Cham 15: Daccat's Island at the start of the island nearby the trees.
Cham 16: Daccat's Island in the central portion of the island nearby some chests.
Cham 17: Nasrad once the city is destroyed check near the fountain.
Cham 18: Delphinus located right on the deck of the ship.
Cham 19: Crescent Isle in the port of the island.
Cham 20: Crescent Isle found near the flag where Vyse tried to make a fire while stranded here.

Chams 20 - 30
Cham 21: Esperanza at the entrance to the city.
Cham 22: Yafutoma near the waterfalls.
Cham 23: Mount Kazai found towards the end of the dungeon - you basically run right past this Cham.
Cham 24: Tenkou Island On your way up to the temple.
Cham 25: Ruins of Ice (Glacia) at the entrance.
Cham 26: Ruins of Ice (Glacia) just before the boss.
Cham 27: Ilchymis Island is in Upper Sky.
Cham 28: Hamachou Island the island floats over the Dark Rift.
Cham 29: Soltis in the large ruins-type room.
Cham 30: Soltis in the room that looks similar to the Silver Shrine.











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