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Cham Locations 1 - 9

This page covers the locations of Chams 1 - 9 in Skies of Arcadia. The first Cham you find is on Pirate Isle, the same island that you start the game on. However, you're unable to obtain this Cham until Fina joins your party - at which point the Cham icon will appear while traveling through the port of the main town.

The last Cham on this page to acquire is in Moonstone Mountain which is just before Rixis. As aforementioned in the main portion of this guide, I have broken each of the Cham locations up to reduce the amount of pictures your browser has to load. If you'd like to return to my Cham Locations Index Page then follow the link provided. A link to the next 10 Cham Locations is at the bottom of this page.


Pirate Isle - 1st Cham

Pirate Isle First Cham

The first Cham you find is on Pirate Isle shortly after you rescue Fina from Valua and she joins your party. This is more or less the 'introduction' cham so to speak meaning it's explained to you what Chams are all about when you get near this one.

**Note - This Cham isn't available the first time you come to Pirate's Isle, Fina actually has to literally join your party as a battle team member before you can pick it up.


Shrine Island - 2nd Cham

Shrine Island Cham LocationShrine Island Cham Vantage Point

In order to get the second Cham in the game you'll need to return to Shrine Island once you have Fina as part of your team. The Cham is found on the central floor of the dungeon at the end of the walkway. Use my screen shots if you need additional guidance.

Both screen shots have me standing in the same & correct location - they're just showing two different camera angles to demonstrate where this location is.


Sailor's Island - 3rd Cham

Sailors Island Cham Location

You can find the third Cham on Sailor's Island. On the far western portion of town you'll find a lighthouse, climb up the ladder inside until you reach the top which is where you'll find Cham #3.


Maramba - 4th Cham

Maramba Cham Location second floor of inn

In Maramba you'll find the fourth Cham on an outside ledge which is connected to the second floor of the Inn. Once you enter Maramba the Inn is immediately to your right - over all this Cham is very easy to find.


Temple of Pyrynn - 5th Cham

Temple of Pyrynn Cham in second boulder maze

You'll find this Cham in the second boulder maze that you come across in the Temple of Pyrynn. While running down the hallway to avoid the boulder duck into the left side, the Cham icon will appear letting you know one is near. If you need additional help finding this Cham take a look at my screen shot.


Horteka - 6th Cham

Horteka Cham Location

This Cham is found in the northern portion of Horteka nearby the zone line to Centime's ship. If it's your first time in this village it can be a bit of a pain in the rear finding this Cham since the whole town is practically a maze. Use my screen shots if you need some extra guidance.


King's Hideout - 7th Cham

Kings Hideout Cham Location

This Cham is a piece of cake to get since the King's Hideout consists of only 1 room. Once you get access to the King's Hideout which happens while progressing through the story normally; you'll be able to pick up the Cham in the corner of his hideout.


Moonstone Mountain - 8th Cham

Moonstone Mountain First Cham Location

At the start of the Moonstone Mountain dungeon you'll come across an intersection which lets you go either up or down. Up leads you to the rest of the dungeon and down is a dead end. The Cham we need is found on the downward path, search the little alcove that dead ends against the metal wall.


Moonstone Mountain - 9th Cham

Moonstone Mountain Second Cham Location

Much like the previous Cham you'll also find this one in Moonstone Mountain. A little bit further into the dungeon you'll come across a room (shown in the screen shot above) with three trap doors, each of them has a Triangle design on it. The Cham is on the opposite side of the room from which you enter and in the middle row.

In order to reach him safely take the triangle on the right and circle back around to the middle area to grab the Cham. The triangle in the center as well as on the left will open up as you run across and you'll fall through.


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