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Abirik Cham 3

Abirik Cham 3 Esperanza Tavern Keep

In Skies of Arcadia Legends there are two types of Chams, regular ones which you can find all over the world and Abirik Chams of which there are only three in the entire game. This page covers the third and final Abirik Cham which is rewarded to you as a result of a long side quest.

The side quest starts in the Esperanza Tavern; speak with the Tavern Keep to begin the quest. She's the lady shown in the screen shot above. Speaking to her will start a side quest that involves a lot of tedious running back and forth between Esperanza and Maramba.

Basically the jist of it is this... She wants you to go talk to her mom who is found in the Kabal Skewer Shop in Maramba. If you're having trouble finding her mom her location is shown in my screen shot below. Speak with her and then return to her daughter. She'll cook up some food for you to bring back to her mother - which her mother will reject.

Abirik Cham 3 Maramba Kabal Skewer Shop

After you get her mother to reject the food return to Esperanza and speak with the Tavern Keep again and she'll tell you that she needs you to collect three ingredients. If you bring her all three of these ingredients she'll cook up a kabal skewer that her mother can't refuse.

The three items that she needs are...


Khale is found by discovering Spice Island (Discovery Location #43); nearby Yafutoma. For the Gentum you'll want to speak to the Item Shop owner in Nasrad to purchase some, the exact NPC that I made the purchase from is shown in the screen shot below. Finally the last piece of the puzzle, Kabal you can get from speaking with Gordo at Gordo's Bistro.

If you've yet to discover Gordo's Bistro I recommend you take a look at my Cham Locations Guide for more information. That'll show you all you need to know about finding Gordo's Bistro.

Abirik Cham 3 GentumAbirik Cham 3 Gordo Kabal Ingredient

Take all three of these items back to Esperanza and hand them to the Tavern Keep. She'll thank you and start work immediately on the Kabal Skewer using her mother's recipe. Once she's done you'll need to make one more round trip from Esperanza to Maramba.

Give her mother the Kabal Skewer and the stubborn old lady will give in and give you a message for her daughter. Once you return to her daughter and speak with her she'll hand you the Abirik Cham that we did all of this work for.

Abirik Cham 3 Received











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