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Items - Lunar: Silver Star Story

This is the list of Items in the game Lunar: Silver Star Story. On this page you'll find all the items in the game accompany with their stats and effects. If you're looking for Armors, Spells & Skills or Weapons, just click the links bellow to their pages instead.

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Recovery Items

Herb: Restores a little bit of your HP.

Jasmine: Restores some of your HP.

Calm Herb: Restores a lot of your HP.

Vigor Peach: Restores all of your HP.

Starlight: Restores a little bit of your MP.

Silver Light: Restores some of your MP.

Seed of Vigor: Restores a lot of your MP.

Meal Rations: Restores a little bit of your party's HP.

Special Rations: Restores some of your party's HP.

Holy Flute: Restores a lot of your party's HP.

Herb of Althena: Restores all of your party's HP.

Smoked Fish: Restores 4 HP.

Garlic: Restores a little bit of your HP.

Holy Water: Cures poison.

Holy Smoke: Awakens a character.

Mint Essence: Cures paralysis.


Attack Items

Sun Drops: Casts Flame.

Fire Essence: Casts Blazing Fire.

Thunder Essence: Casts Thunder Wave.

Magic Bullet: Casts Light Ray.


Assistance Items

Light Barrier: Casts Magic Camp on your party.

Power Barrier: Casts Camp Defender on your party.

Cascade Ring: Casts Cascade on your party.

Snake Ring: Attracts enemies.

Cloud Drops: Casts De-Protect on one enemy.

Rainbow Drops: Casts Holy Defender.

Wind Essence: Casts Psychotron.

Magic Hand: Steals MP from an enemy.

Hyram Nut: Increases Agility.

Alcana Nut: Increases Magic.

Itaka Nut: Increases Attack power.

Dover Nut: Increases Defense power.


Special Items

Alex's Harp: Alex's most treasured possession.

Chest Key: Opens the old treasure chest in the basement.

Dragon Ring: A ring with the power of the Dragons.

Dragon Diamond: An extremely valuable diamond.

Father's Letter: Gives you permission to sail to the mainland.

Sea Chart: A map of all the seas.

Flint: Lights the beacon in the Lighthouse.

Althena's Mirror: Reflects the true form of all that is exposed to it.

White Dragon's Wings: Lets you teleport between towns.

Thief's Crest: Makes you a Thieves' Guild member.

Rain Cloud: Stops the flow of the lava in the Volcano.

Spire Key: Opens the door to the Chamber of Wisdom.

Mirage Potion: Refills the Fountain of Transferrance.

Hero's Crest: Lets you enter the Dragon Shrine in Marke.

Ruid's Key: A duplicate key. It opens the gate to Ruid.

Tower Key: Opens the door to the top floor of Ghaleon's Palace.


Other Items

Putrid Lunch: Disgusting food. HP goes down if you eat it.

Mystery Potion: Has an unknown effect.

Harisen: +1 attack.

Amulet: Reduces random enemy encounters.

Music Box: Plays music.

Mia's Bromide: Equip it on Nash and see what happens.

Soap: Lets you bathe in Althena's Spring.


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