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Armors - Grandia

This is the list of Armors in the game Grandia. On this page, you'll find all the armors featured in the game, along with their respective stats. If you're also interested in Abilities, Items, Spells or Weapon, simply follow one of the links below to access their dedicated pages.


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Adventure Clothes: +2 defense; Common adventure clothes.

Angel's Robe: +33 defense; Restores HP in combat.

Apron: +1 defense; Dirty apron.

Aura Armor: +35 defense, +1 skill power level.

Bamboo Armor: +6 defense; Surprisingly strong.

Battle Bikini: +10 defense, +4 attack Sexy.

Breastplate: +6 defense; Iron breastplate.

Cactus Armor: +21 defense, +3 move block resistance.

Chain Mail: +19 defense; Combat attire of Cafu.

Chameleon Armor: +18 defense; May warp when damaged.

Dark Armor: +22 defense; Restores SP when damaged.

Devil's Robe: 32 defense, +2 magic resistance.

Enchantress' Robe: +23 defense, +1 againts all magic.

Fairy Robe: +10 defense, +2 anti-confusion/sleep.

Flying Dragon Vest: +14 defense, +2 anti-fire level.

Frog Shirt: +10 defense, +1 anti-water level.

Mink Coat : +25 defense, +5 blizzard resistance.

Mogay Clothes: +30 defense; Worn only by Guido.

Officer's Uniform: +9 defense; Nicer than a soldier's.

Outdated Armor: +4 defense; Antique armor.

Plug Suit: +21 defense, +15 action.

Robe of the Sun: +45 defense; Slows IP loss.

Shell Armor: +8 defense; Protective shell armor.

Skull Armor: +15 defense; Made of bone.

Soldier's Uniform: +7 defense; Sturdy military uniform.

Spirit Armor: +55 defense; Restores HP in combat.

Sportswear: +4 defense; Body-fitting clothes.

Spy Clothes: +10 defense; Stiff.

Sunday Best: +2 defense; Sue's favorite clothes.

Swordfish Armor: +12 defense; Swordfish scale armor.

Thick Armor: +12 defense; Strong and thick armor.

Warrior's Mail: +32 defense, +3 move block resistance.

Work Clothes: +3 defense; Thick clothes.



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