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Get Junior - Novigrad

Get Junior Assassins

This quest is automatically given to you upon completing the Broken Flowers Story Quest in Novigrad. As with all previous quests in Novigrad (and elsewhere) follow the white dots on your compass to each of the quest locations involved in this quest. The first few steps of this quest are rather straight forward and self explanatory.

After arriving in the bathhouse and speaking with the three people here you'll be attacked by Whoreson's Henchmen. Fight them all off using your club (loot them for better weapons if you need to) and once the battle is complete you will be thrown into more dialogue with Sigi Reuven. During this time you'll receive the side quest The Gangs of Novigrad which will only be available during the Get Junior quest.

Make sure to ask him about Dandelion and once the conversation ends, you'll regain control of Geralt in the bathhouse shortly after Sigi/Dijkstra opens a secret passage for you. Follow him downstairs to learn about a problem he currently has with some theives and meet his troll. You'll receive the Count Reuven's Treasure Story Quest once you agree to help him with his problem.

Next thing you should do is visit Cleaver in Novigrad and agree to help him find Whoreson for The Gangs of Novigrad quest. This side quest is only available during the Get Junior quest and involves many of the same locations. In other words, it's worth doing and you barely even have to go out of your way.

Agree to help Cleavers Men

Three different quest locations will be marked on your map, the arena, casino and hideout. If you plan on doing The Gangs of Novigrad quest outside of the Arena and Casino you will want to speak with Cleaver's Men. They will help you bust inside and make the following fights much easier.

Note: If you wish to do the non-violent option you'll fail The Gangs of Novigrad quest. For the most part the non-violent option requires more dialogue and either Delusion ranks for Axii, Crowns for bribing or playing Gwent.


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Cleavers Henchamn Outside Arena

There are a few different ways to get into the arena, you can bribe the guards, use Axii or while fighting Whoreson's men outside of the arena loot a Certificate from their body which you can show to the guards. If you're doing The Gangs of Novigrad quest with this one then the best way inside is to talk to Cleaver's Henchman (pictured above) and fight your way in.

Loot Igor's body for a key which you can use to open the chest on his "throne". You'll find a letter in that chest which will update your quest and tell you to find the secret stash. Go into your quest log and select this objective as the one to track then head downstairs.

Along the eastern wall downstairs you'll find a torch that glows red (while using your Witcher Senses) as well as some marks on the ground from a swinging door (pictured below). Geralt will comment on this as well. Pull the torch, open the door and you'll be able to claim the loot inside. With this you're done with the arena, head on over to the Casino or Hideout whichever of the two is next for you.

Door to the secret stash

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Cleavers Henchman Outside Casino

Much like for the Arena, you'll want to meet Cleaver's men outside of the Casino (assuming you want to do The Gangs of Novigrad quest too). Otherwise you'll have to find a peaceful way inside which will involve bribing the guards, using Axii/delusion or quick wit.

On the top floor of Whoreson's Casino you'll find a badly beaten Dwarf by the name of Rico. Speaking to him and freeing him will being the secondary quest Honor Among Theives. All you have to do for this quest is return to Bedlam and speak to him for a reward, it's as simple as that.

Before you leave the Casino be sure to loot everything you can find, there are a decent amount of goodies to find here. Once you're done head over to the Arena or Hideout, whichever of the two locations is left.

Rico in Whoreson Casino

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When you arrive you'll find that Cleaver's men have already trashed the place. Use your Witcher Senses to examine the clues on the first and second floor. These will update your quest and complete the "visit the hideout" portion of Get Junior. Even though this quest doesn't take you up to the third floor you should go up there anyway to grab all of the goodies!

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Once you're done investigating all three locations return to Dijkstra and ask him about the information you found in the arena's secret room to update your quest. Before going to Vernon Roche for the next part of Get Junior, you should head over to Cleaver and speak to him to complete The Gangs of Novigrad quest. If you do not turn in this quest now then it will fail and you'll lose out on the EXP rewards.

At this point we'll be leaving Novigrad and having to travel to a location a ways away in Velen. You'll want to hop on Roach and ride over to the quest marker, when you arrive you'll have some cutscenes followed by some dialogue. After which you'll have another long horse ride ahead of you down to Oxenfurt.

In the town of Oxenfurt you'll have to speak with Roche and follow him to speak with a King. He'll tell you where to find Whoreson, in a mansion in the center of Oxenfurt. When you're finished with all of his dialogue head over to the mansion and things get violent quick.

Search Whoresons Residence

Clear out all of Whoreson's men and fight your way into the mansion, you'll find Whoreson on the second floor, after meeting him you'll be treated to some dialogue and then you'll be thrown into another Ciri flashback, this time for Ciri's Story: Visiting Junior.

Once you're done with Whoreson leave the mansion and you'll be immediately thrown into another quest, A Favor for Radovid. It's a very brief quest that ultimately leads to another quest, Redania's Most Wanted. All that's left of the Get Junior quest now is to return to Priscilla in Novigrad and turn it in.


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