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Broken Flowers - Novigrad

Ask Zoltan about rosa var attre

This quest begins immediately after completing the Novigrad Dreaming Story Quest. Much like the previous quest in the chain, you'll want to follow the white dots on your compass to locate the Rosemary and Thyme where Dandelion is supposed to be.

After speaking with Zoltan inside the Rosemary and Thyme use your Witcher Senses to locate the planner atop the desk near the window, this will update the quest. Read the Planner after the cutscene then ask Zoltan specifically about Rosa var Attre (and any one else you wish to know about). Asking about Rosa will prevent some bugs on older versions of the game.

Tip: Loot everything inside the Rosemary and Thyme - there are quite a bit of goodies in here for you to collect!

Now you'll have 6 different quest objectives for each of the women you have to speak to. Below is a quick list of each woman and anything important you need to know in order to acquire this quest update.

Vespula: She will be under attack by a few thugs; pay them 200 crowns for EXP. Option 2 requires you to fight them and Option 3 is just dialogue.

Elihal: As straight forward as can be, just talk to him.

Molly: This is another rather straight forward one. When you go to the horse races, racing Morvran is entirely optional - winning will net you a superior racing saddle which has +50 Stamina on it (comparable to the Nilfgaardian Saddle you can purchase now). After the race or if you decline to race you'll be able to speak with Molly.

Marabella: For Marabella you can either wait until class finishes or if you can't wait then you'll have to answer some questions, after which you'll be able to question her about Dandelion.

Rosa var Attre: If you asked Zoltan about her earlier in the quest then tell the guards who stop you at the front door you're her new sword instructor. Otherwise you'll have to go around to the back entrance, shown in the screen shots below. It will involve jumping across and climbing some rocks. You'll know you're going the right way when you find a corpse with a Love Letter on it.

Path to Rosa var Attre

If you wish to do the side quest Fencing Lessons at a later time, make sure you agree to give Rosa private lessons when she asks you during the dialogue options. Either way, once you're done talking to all 6 people you can return to Zoltan and share what you've learned with him.

Zoltan will direct you next to the The Kingfisher Inn where you'll meet Priscilla. After some dialogue options with her the quest will conclude and you'll receive two followup quests, Get Junior and Count Reuven's Treasure.




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