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Shock Therapy - Skellige

Shock Therapy Quest Start

Area: Skellige
Location: Gedyneith
Quest Giver: Druid
Other Requirements: N/A

You'll find this quest a little bit west of the Gedyneith Signpost - in the same location that the Coronation Quest takes place. Here you'll want to speak with a Druid (pictured above) who asks you to torment his friend to help him get his voice back.

His friend is a little bit south of the druid and you'll have to do a few things in order to help him get his voice back. Here's a list of each thing you have to do and when you have to do it...

1. When the druid is lying down use Aard on the pots
2. When the druid sits on the large rock use Aard on the bee nest attached to the tree next to it
3. Finally when the druid tries to warm himself at the fire use Aard to extinguish it

Every time you use Aard on something successfully upsetting the druid he'll give you the middle finger. Once you've successfully pissed him off all three times he'll curse you off and you'll complete the quest - while also learning the truth. Return to the other druid to turn the quest in and complete it.

Druid Breaking Vow of Silence








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